Toronto Women In Music: Volume 3

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the music thus far from the first 2 Volumes of Toronto Women In Music, and was very excited to have received more songs to share with you for Volume 3! It is so amazing to have such empowering, inspirational women releasing positive vibe songs from the place where I... Continue Reading →

Don’t Wait For Inspiration

We have all been there. Those days where you were supposed to write, or work on something but you don't feel that creative genius flowing, so you don't. You feel like you have writer's block, so you don't pick up the pen. Assuming it won't be good enough, so why even bother? You lack will-power... Continue Reading →

De-Clutter Before 2018

The New Year is just around the corner and we want to head into it with peace in our homes and in our minds. One way to do that is to de-clutter your belongings! It makes such a big difference in your mood when your place is clear of things you do not need. There... Continue Reading →

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Are you in need of a gift guide for your loved ones this Holiday season? Admittedly, most of these are on my own wish-list this year, plus I'll probably end up purchasing a few of these items for friends and family, too! Hopefully this will spark some ideas for you! I love shopping for presents online,... Continue Reading →

Taking The Path Less Travelled

There are many ways in life to take the path less travelled. It is being bold and different with your lifestyle, career, fashion sense or any other aspect of your life. Many people do not have a problem going with the norm. They are content living where they have always lived or doing what they... Continue Reading →

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