Guaranteed Happiness

I have learned that not every day is going to be the best day. It is normal to have ups and downs, and to have the occasional period of time where we might need a little cheering up. Sometimes, however, we don't always have loved ones around to rely on in order to feel better.... Continue Reading →

My Vacation Playlist

In just a few days, my boyfriend and I will be heading to Cuba to enjoy a week in the sunshine! Neither David or I have been on vacation down south before, so this will be a real treat and I can't wait!Β In anticipation of our travels, I have decided to create a vacation playlist... Continue Reading →

Wait For Your Fairytale Love

It's Cupid's birthday today! Happy Valentine's Day to you all. I hope today brings you romance, love, and that you spend time cherishing those who bring you comfort and warmth. Of course, celebrating your love shouldn't only be on Valentine's Day. If you wait for your fairytale love, then surely, you will cherish and celebrate... Continue Reading →

Musicians Are Entrepreneurs

About two years ago, I contributed a guest blog post to infectiousmagazine.comΒ all about how musicians are entrepreneurs. I wrote about how it is so important to not only know the performance/skill side of the industry, but also the business side of the industry. Now that I have my own blog, I thought I would re-share... Continue Reading →

10 Inventions By Women

We all know about Thomas Edison (the light bulb), Alexander Graham Bell(the telephone) and the Wright Brothers(the airplane). It seems like the majority of inventors I learned about growing up were male. However, are there equally popular inventions by women? Yes, of course there are! The following 10 inventions by women are all fairly modern,... Continue Reading →

Black History Month – Feb 2018

In 1995, just after the Honourable Jean Augustine became the first Black Canadian woman to be elected to Parliament, there was a unanimous vote to dedicate February as Black History Month in Canada. This motion is to honour and recognize the contributions of Black Canadians in the growth, development, settlement and overall history of Canada.... Continue Reading →

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