Boss Lady Buzz: Wellness Tips With Natty Valencia

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I was lucky enough to sit down and chat wellness tips with the lovely Natty Valencia, a fellow Creator, Blogger and Friend.

Natty shared with me her mission to inspire others to lead a life of wellness and self-love. I learned so much from her in the short time we spent together. I was so grateful to spend time with such an intelligent, positive, ambitious individual.


*LESSON 1* Allow yourself to say YES to doing the things you’ve always wanted to do:

-It took Natty some time to finally allow herself to listen to her inner desires- but now she is happily completing her yoga teacher training and has also expanded her career from musician to multi-disciplinary creator!

Wellness Tips- Natty Valencia

*LESSON 2* Essential Oils are your best friend for natural health remedies

Natty also enlightened me about the many benefits of using various Essential Oils! She recommends the Canadian company Saje Wellness! (No Affiliation)

  • Peppermint: Headaches, Congestion, Focus
  • Licorice Root: Stimulates digestion
  • Lavender, Orange or Rosemary: Relax, De-Stress
  • Oregano: Immunity Boosting
  • Tea tree, Coconut: Great for the skin

*LESSON 3* Create a DIGITAL DETOX that works for you

Natty was recently featured in the Toronto Star talking about the importance of taking a break from technology. Some of her suggestions include:

  • Unplug from technology as often as you canunplug-information-lifestyle-wellness-tips
  • Designate a Tech-Free day
  • Limit technology to a certain number of hours per day
  • Wait an hour after you wake up to reach for your phone
  • Put your phone on airplane mode every night to ensure a restful sleep


Natty Valencia Wellness Tips

*LESSON 4* If something doesn’t bring you joy BEFORE, DURING & AFTER,  —consider re-evaluating.

-Natty decided to take a break from performing live when she realized the only joy it brought her was after the performance was finished. She now dedicates her time to things that bring her joy in every moment.


*LESSON 5*Keep your goals on the down-low when the work is still ahead of you

-Another lesson she left me thinking about is to achieve your goals before you share them with others. Sometimes, sharing pre-maturely can give you a false sense of completion and satisfaction which can hinder your end-results. Instead, when you have officially reached your goal, you can proudly tell your friends, supporters and loved ones.


For more of Natty’s wellness tips and wisdom, visit her amazing blog

Much love, from one Soul to another ❤




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