A Lesson in Productivity

Productivity 101

A wise mentor of mine (Vel Omazic-Executive Director of Canada’s Music Incubator) once shared the following funny phrase that truly stuck with me:

“Eat Fear For Breakfast”

What does this mean?

Upon waking up, make a mental or physical list of things you need to accomplish for the day, and tackle the most difficult, or most over-whelming one first. The reason behind this is because if you save it for the end of your day, when you are no longer fresh and motivated, chances are you might procrastinate your most daunting tasks, and ultimately not get them done.

That wasn’t Vel’s only productivity hack, he also taught our class the following Technique:


This trick can apply to many situations, but he most commonly uses it when tackling his email inbox. Upon receiving an email, he immediately applies one of the 3 D’s:

DEAL with it now: If this email requires a reply and you have or can easily get the answer, reply immediately.

This could apply to other things, like washing your dishes, for example; The time it takes to put your bowl and spoon into the sink is not much longer than it would take to quickly wash your dishes and set them to dry.

DELEGATE itIf you do not have the information or time to properly reply to this email, immediately delegate it to someone who does.

Use this in other areas of your life, as well.  Don’t be afraid to delegate a task to someone you trust if you have too much on your plate!

DELETE it: If this email was not meant for you, or you do not need it any longer, go ahead and delete it from your inbox.

Getting unneccessary things out of your life not only feels great, but it stops you from cluttering up your space and needing to deal with it on another occasion.

I know these 2 tips have been very helpful to me, so I hope they work for you too! Thank you Vel for your words of wisdom!





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