Discover Now: Toronto Women In Music – Volume 1

I am fortunate enough to be part of a Facebook Group created by STACEY called Toronto Women In Music. This is an amazing Toronto-based music industry community for networking, collaborating and supporting fellow artists.

Knowing how much incredible musicianship is in this Group, I reached out for empowering, positive anthems to feature and these TWIM members delivered!

Enjoy the following 5 songs, discover new talent, and support these amazing local (Toronto) artists! To learn more about the artist, click on their name – To hear the song, click on the title of the song.


Toronto Women In Music- Kashka

This song is the definition of an empowerment anthem! I love the harmonies in the chorus, and how amazing is this picture?!

Holding Steady



Toronto Women In Music- Melanie Peterson

Calming, beautiful and relatable! It is so relaxing that I was tempted to close my eyes and listen to this song, but I was afraid to miss the beautiful imagery in the music video!





This is an anti-bullying anthem that I wrote, (I am primarily a Singer-Songwriter) This song has an acoustic Jessie J feel. I am proud to be among these Toronto Women in Music!

Nobody’s Victim



Toronto Women In Music- Áli

“Spread your wings, let yourself go… I’m coming out of my cocoon” A motivational song with a great, positive message and awe-inspiring, unique video!



Denise De’ion

Toronto Women In Music- Denise Deion

This is a song you can get up and dance to! Check out her moves in the video, definitely a multi-talented artist! Love that the lyrics empower women to feel strong and confident enough to “work it out”!

Work It Out RMX

Huge shout-out to these amazing creators for sharing their work! Don’t forget to let them know if you love their track! If you have a song that you think fits the Toronto Women In Music theme, please feel free to send it to me!


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