Arm Knitting 101: Infinity Scarf

Arm Knitting Feature Photo

If you’re looking for a fun afternoon activity that will produce a quality product that you’ll actually use (or can gift to someone) then this Infinity Scarf tutorial is perfect! Best of all, you can be a complete beginner; Even those who have never knitted can complete this project in under an hour!

First, all you will need are 2 balls of yarn and your arms! The thicker the yarn the cozier your scarf will be!

Next- follow these 5 steps and voila! You have made your own Infinity Scarf! ♡


  • Take the end of each ball of yarn and measure approximately 4 feet , then make a slip knot, as shown below!



Slide the slip knot onto one wrist (I chose my left wrist so I can cast-on with my dominant hand). To cast on, take your 4-foot tail strands + the strands coming from your ball of yarn and follow the video example below to cast-on 7 stitches. This is the trickiest part but with practice it becomes second-nature!


After you finish casting on, your tail will have become significantly shorter. We can now ignore the tail and proceed to use only the 2 strands coming from your balls of yarn. See the video below to knit your scarf to your desired length, switching from one arm to the other. Keep in mind we will eventually be stitching the ends together to make one continuous loop.


You’re almost done! Now that your scarf is long enough, we want to take it off our arm to stitch it together. Begin by knitting 2 stitches normally. Take Stitch 1 and slide it over Stitch 2, off of your arm. Stitch a 3rd stitch normally. Take Stitch 2 and Slide it over Stitch 3. You should never have more than 2 stitches on your arm during the Cast-Off process. Repeat until there is only one stitch left, then slide it off your arm, cut your yarn and pull it through to make a knot. Leave enough tail on either side to stitch it up!


Last but not least, turn your scarf seam-sides out (inside-out) and using either tail, sew it into an infinity scarf! I use pink straws in the video below to show more clearly how to stitch it evenly. When it’s sewn together, weave in your tail, make a couple knots so it won’t come loose, and snip off both ends. Lastly, turn it right-side out and voila!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, let me know! If you make one of these scarves, I would love to see it! Feel free to send me pictures on Instagram / Twitter!



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