15 Ways to Freelance from Home

Freelance From Home Polaroid

GOOD NEWS! There are hundreds of ways to earn a part-time, or even full-time income when you freelance from home.

Is this something you’ve thought about before? I know I have.Whether it’s to supplement your income while being an artist, a mother, or any other scenario…

here are 15 ideas to Freelance From Home!

  1. Virtual Assistant – Be a secretary that works from home, hired by a company or individual to provide professional support when they need an extra pair of hands. (administrative, creative, technical, etc).
  2.  Blogger/Vlogger– Create unique written or video content and monetize with Ads, products or affiliate links.
  3. Songwriter– Songwriting can be one of the most profitable parts of the music industry in this age. In Canada, SOCAN can pay you when a station, store, tv or film plays your song. Write a theme song for a specific TV Show or Project and try selling it!
  4. Sell an Ebook/Ecourse– The knowledge you have on a certain subject that could help others can make you money as well! There are lots of tutorials online showing the steps on how to create/publish your own Ebooks/Online Courses.
  5. Affiliate Marketing- Walmart, Amazon and many other companies will pay you a small portion of commission if you send customers to their site. When they purchase within 24 hours after clicking your link, you get paid!
  6. Sell items on Etsy– Are you a crafty, artsy, a graphic designer or lover of vintage items? You can create your own online store on Etsy!
  7. Provide lessons or a Service– Teaching an instrument, a skill or tutoring from home can provide a great income stream.
  8. Sell your stuff– I’m sure you have heard that minimalism is all the rage. Why not join the trend and sell the things you no longer use, or have in excess.
  9. Teach English Online– There are lots of websites online that hire native English speakers to teach students in other countries. You can set your own schedule as well!
  10. Transcriptionist– Being a transcriptionist requires you to listen to an audio file and  type out the written script. There are different types of transcriptionists, the most common being a medical transcriptionist. This job requires a course and lots of training, however once you have the qualifications, you can make a full-time wage as you freelance from home.
  11. Guest Writer– Many bloggers, companies, and online magazines love getting help from guest writers. You could be hired to write a certain number of articles about a subject for a set price. Another way is to become a weekly writer for a brand’s social media or website.
  12. Digital Media Specialist- If you are great at growing social media accounts, creating graphics online, making successful promotional campaigns, taking photographs or coding, you are in high demand! There are lots of tutorials online and courses in schools to learn this ever-growing industry.
  13. Brand Ambassador/Influencer– Companies are always looking for online platforms to reach their target audience. You can be paid by a brand to review their products, wear their clothes, etc. This freelance option requires you to have a large following on social media, otherwise the company will be less likely to sponsor you.
  14. Photographer (sell stock photos)– Not only can you make money by creating an at-home photo studio and taking pictures of clients; You can also take high quality photos of literally anything and try to sell them to stock-photo websites online.
  15. Voice-over work– Whether you are young or old, with a normal voice or a unique voice, you can do voice-over work. There are lots of websites online seeking people to record advertisements or audiobooks, etc and they will pay you for your recordings. This job is competitive, but with some training and the right recording equipment, you could be doing voice-work full-time! Bonus points if you’re bilingual.

I hope these ideas will inspire you to either supplement your current income, or head toward a full-time income while you Freelance from Home! Let me know any other ideas you may have, as well as whether these ideas gave you any inspiration ❤ xox

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