Fall Favourites: Body Shop/Lush

Let’s face it; I wouldn’t be a true millennial if I was not slightly obsessed with bath products, am I right? Similar to my candle haul, I always find this season the best when it comes to products that smell delicious and make you feel cozy and warm as the weather cools down. And thus, I bring you my Fall Favourites : Bath Products Edition!

Having a nice, candle lit, bath with a glass of wine is high on my list of ways to Satisfy Her Soul.

For this reason, I love trying out new bath products! However, since I am on a budget, I only chose 2 stores to buy products from. Why? Because if I didn’t limit myself I would probably be buried by piles of glittery bath bombs, bubble bars and body wash. As much as I would love this, my bank account would not.

These are the products I tried this year, along with an honest review!


Fall Favourites-Lord-of-misrule
Photos of Lord of Misrule by Lush.ca



Lord of Misrule: This Bath Bomb from Lush is not only my favourite for Fall, but my favourite bath bomb of all time! It smells earthy and spicy which warms the soul. The absolute best part of this bath bomb is the red wine coloured centre and popping candy that turns your bath into a very festive experience (pictured below). I have re-purchased this bath bomb at least 8 times!Fall Favourites-Lord-of-misrule


Fall Favourites-Sparkly-pumpkin
Photos of Sparkly Pumpkin by Lush.ca

Sparkly Pumpkin: I purchased this bubble bar because it is visually stunning and makes me so happy to look at. Using it, however, was a challenge because the sparkles got everywhere and were difficult to clean out of the tub. It made decent bubbles and had a nice citrus scent and orange colour. For this time of year I prefer a spicy scent but the smell is still very nice. Overall, I don’t think I would re-purchase this product but it still made the favourites because LOOK AT IT!Fall Favourites-


Fall Favourites-basket


Mango Exfoliating Sugar Scrub: This product is completely different to any other exfoliant I have tried, due to the sugar and mango seed oil. I apply it in the shower while standing away from the water so I can really scrub it in before washing it off. Then when I step back into the water it comes off easily and makes my skin softer than any other product I’ve tried! I can’t wait to try the coconut scented scrub. The oil leaves a shine to your skin that isn’t greasy at all. I love this product!mango-shower-gel-1044965-250ml-2-640x640


Mango Shower Gel: This product creates awesome suds and more bubbles than I expected! A little goes a long way, this tiny bottle will last me the rest of the year! The scent is amazing. Mango is my favourite fruit so when I saw this shower gel I had to get it. I’ve tried it with and without a loofa and I love it either way! Definitely a Fall favourite.



Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash: This face wash definitely has an acquired, strong scent. I just so happen to LOVE it! If you have never smelled tea tree before, it is similar to a pine tree in my opinion. Another thing I love about this product is the refreshing, cooling sensation it gives. It really deep-cleanses the skin and is great for clearing up blemish-prone skin. The only down-side is I can’t use it to take off my eye makeup-up because it is so strong.


These are the products I have been using this Fall! I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews. Let me know if you have tried any of my Fall Favourites and tell me your thoughts!

Happy FALL! ❤

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