Party Platter: Prosecco & Charcuterie

This time of year makes me crave a really good Charcuterie & Cheese Board. If you haven’t heard this term before, Charcuterie is another term for cooked & prepared meats like ham, pepperoni, etc. that you might find on a party platter.

These boards are a very popular and simple appetizer to prepare for a gathering of family and friends or even just for a cozy night in with snacks and a movie!

The great part about party platters is they are so customizable, you can use a huge variety of things such as fresh or dried fruit, seeds and nuts, cured meats, crackers, baguette, cheeses and more!


At your local grocery store, you can most likely find pre-packaged meat & cheese like these ones by Panino Misto. I chose Fontinello/Prosciutto and Provolone/Spicy Genoa Salami.

In addition I bought an onion baguette, and brie cheese for some melty, carb-filled goodness.

I already had ham and marble cheese, and crackers at home, so I added those too.


Personally, when it comes to fruit, I think grapes go best on charcuterie board, especially when pairing it with wine and cheese. I also added fresh blueberries and strawberries because I had them on hand. I love the pop of colour the strawberries give!



When it comes to the wine, it really is your preference. I am not a huge wine connoisseur, but my boyfriend and I love Sparkling Wines like Prosecco. It is so much fun to pop the cork and drinking it from a flute makes us feel so sophisticated! If you are heading to a party, a set like this would be a great idea to give the host! (Crystal glasses & a bottle of Prosecco). I couldn’t pass up this festive gold polka-dot box, and the wine was pretty tasty as well!


Get creative when plating the platter. I used a wooden cutting board for a rustic look and tried my best to lay the food down in a visually appealing way; After all, they say people eat with their eyes!


Let me tell you, it was delicious and I can’t wait to make another one for any holiday parties I have coming up! I hope this gave you some ideas to make your own Charcuterie Board. If you make one, tag @SatisfyHerSoul in a photo as I would love to see it!

Do you have any other tips or favourite foods to include on your platters? Let me know in the comments below!

Party Platter-Charcuterie-Prosecco



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