15 Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

If there is one thing I can’t stand about this magical season, IT’S THE COLD. Over the years, I have learned a few tips and tricks to stay warm during the coldest months.

If you’re anything like me, being cold just halts any kind of happiness or productivity I may have had going for me that day. Instead, I want to just curl up in bed with a grumpy attitude until I re-gain feeling in my fingers and toes.

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With the following ways to stay warm, I hope we can hold on to our happiness & our hustle this snowy season!

1. Always be prepared– When you leave the house, always keep an extra pair of socks and gloves on  hand. Bring a sweater and a scarf, too! The cold strikes when you least expect it.
Stay Warm Rug
2. Buy rugs and wear slippers- There is nothing worse than cold floors in the morning! Keep slippers by your bed and by your front door. Purchase some cute rugs for your space and keep your toes warm this season! SHOP THIS RUG
3. Cook or bake then leave oven open– Baking during the holiday season will definitely keep you active and stay warm! After you take your goodies out, leave your oven open to help heat your space!
4. Heat your hands with fingerless gloves– If you have a lot of typing to do, your wrists and fingers can

gloves-Stay Warm

easily get cold while you work. I bought these knitted fingerless gloves from Amazon and I use them while I work, or as gloves when I’m walking outside. If you really want to go hard-core, or you know someone with notoriously cold hands, they also have USB powered, heated fingerless gloves for typing! SHOP THESE GLOVES
5. Take a warm bath– ‘Tis the season for Lush Bath Bombs! Take a quick bath or shower to get your circulation re-started so you feel fresh and cozy! Don’t forget a comfy onesie!

Stay Warm Scarf

6. Get an over-sized scarf– The thing I love about scarves, is they can double as a lap-blanket as needed, or a shawl, or a pillow if you’re on a plane! They can dress up your outfit, keep you warm, and are multi-purpose! I’m obsessed. SHOP THIS SCARF
7. Curtain Control– During the day, when the sun is streaming in, keep the curtains open. As soon as the sun goes down, insulate your place by closing all the curtains so the heat stays strapped inside.

Stay Warm Space Heater

8. Invest in a space-heater– My space heater is arguably my best friend. It has saved meso many times from hibernating in my bed all day. You can easily get a small space heater for a reasonable price and trust me, it is a game changer. SHOP THIS HEATER
9. No fireplace? No problem– Candles give off more heat than you think. It makes the space warmer, nice smelling and cozier-looking, too! Light them all up! Make sure to stay near-by and blow them out before leaving the room or falling asleep. Stay safe and stay warm.

Stay Warm Electric Blanket

10. Electric Blanket– I need to get myself one of these. I have never tried one, but I haveheard they work wonders. Definitely adding it to my Christmas list. SHOP THIS BLANKET
11. Start your day right- When you wake up, make yourself a hot drink and a warm breakfast, like oatmeal! You will warm up from the inside, out!
12. Use a blow dryer- If you don’t have time to throw your clothes in the dryer to warm them up, use your hair dryer to shoot some warm air into your cold shoes or jacket. Just be careful not to cover it with fabric, as it could be a fire hazard. 
13. Heating pad– Heating pads can be used for more than just sore muscles! Place one on your chair or in your sheets while getting ready for bed. Make sure not to leave it on for an extended period of time.
15. Have a party!- More people means more body heat! Invite over your family or friends and your place will be warmer before you know it. Even a party for two can get pretty hot 😉 (Things you gotta do to stay warm, am I right?)


I hope these tips will help you to stay warm this season; Make sure you share this with that one friend who is always cold. Do you know any other unique ways to stay warm? Leave them in the comments below!

Warm Wishes 🙂 – Satisfy Her Soul


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