De-Clutter Before 2018

The New Year is just around the corner and we want to head into it with peace in our homes and in our minds. One way to do that is to de-clutter your belongings! It makes such a big difference in your mood when your place is clear of things you do not need.

There is just enough time left this year to tackle and de-clutter the following items from your living space!


*Make-up – Trash it if it’s more than 6 months old

*Nail Polish – If it’s dried up, give it up

*Condiments – They take up so much space

*Medicine – Check your medicine, their shelf-life isn’t very long


*Coffee Mugs, Cups – Be realistic, how many do you need?

*Tupperware – Throw out the ones with cracks/ no longer have a lid

*Bed Sheets – You only need one or two sets


*Reference Books – We have the internet for dictionaries/encyclopedias, etc.

*Instruction Manuals – Check Youtube for tutorials

*Magazines – They are a waste of paper. Read articles online

*Books – See if a friend wants to read your old books, or donate them

*Filled-Up Journals – If you no-longer need the information, recycle them!

Plastic Items:

*Plastic Water Bottles –  Use a re-usable bottle for water

*Straws – Unnecessary and not good for the planet.

*Balloons – Get re-usable decor that is better for the environment

Clothing Items:

*Specialty T-Shirts – Get rid of those “Pyjama T-Shirts” from concerts and events

*Mismatched, Holey Socks – Face it, that missing sock probably won’t resurface

*Old Purses – Donate extra purses in your closet that you never use

*Clothes That Don’t Fit- If you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it to someone that will

*Lingerie – Not practical or worth your money

*Jewelry – Broken necklaces, Earrings that have no pair, Extra backs

Hope these 20+ Items to De-Clutter helps you to start the New Year fresh and focused!

Here is a FREE PRINTABLE DE-CLUTTER CHECKLIST I created to help you!

Printable De-Clutter Checklist

Is there anything you got rid of that I should add to the list? What items do you struggle getting rid of? Mine would be coffee mugs! I’ve slowed down buying them but I can’t bring myself to get rid of the many I already have!

Let me know how your De-Clutter is going! Find me on Instagram or Twitter !

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