Boss Lady Buzz: Singer-Songwriter Lora Ryan

Lora Ryan Boss Lady Buzz

This edition of Boss Lady Buzz is dear to my heart because it features an incredible woman who creates performance opportunities for Toronto Women in Music. This is special to me because I am one of the women who got to perform as a result of Lora’s hard work. I am happy to introduce to you, Lora Ryan, the creator of “Women In Music: A Singer/Songwriter Showcase”.

Lora grew up in Montréal, Quebec and discovered her love for music at an early age. She initially pursued a career as a vocal coach for 6 years, and though she loved her students she realized it was holding her back from reaching her own dreams.

Last year, Lora packed up her life and moved to Toronto to focus on music full-time. Now that she’s in Toronto, she says she loves how open people are to collaborating. Though there is a lot of talent, it’s not as competitive as she would have imagined. Loving her new life, she says:

“I couldn’t imagine my life not being here!”

When she first arrived in Toronto, she dove straight into the music scene, networking and heading to Open Mics around the city. She noticed the talent that got up to perform were predominantly male, and that whenever a women took the stage she was completely blown away. Lora says she was “saddened by the fact that there weren’t more females coming out and showing off their songs and voices!

For this reason, Lora took initiative and decided to create Women In Music: A Singer/Songwriter Showcase. This event takes places every few months in Toronto, with the next one coming up on December 17th! The show features talent singer-songwriters in an intimate setting with an attentive crowd who is there to get to know the songwriters and hear their stories. You can purchase tickets to the show and see the line-up HERE!

More About Lora Ryan:

Lora’s Personal Goal: “Wake up happy, make music, make a decent living from it and repeat.”

Lora’s Goal for the World: “Everyone is able to show more compassion and kindness to those around them”

One of her biggest challenges about being a women in the music industry is that men often mistake her networking attempts for flirting. She says “You learn to hold your own and create a thick skin about it early on.”

Inspired By: “Other musicians and creators. People who work hard every day to make their dreams a reality. People that speak up, open up and stand for something.”

Favourite Quote:

“Girls Compete, Women EMPOWER” – Unknown

Thank you Lora for working hard and taking steps forward for us fellow female musicians. Your dedication is appreciated more than you know!

Lora Ryan 2 Boss Lady Buzz

Want to see what else she is up to? Follow Lora Ryan on Instagram or Facebook and support her by purchasing her single, BEST OF ME, on iTunes!

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