The Week of Drinking Only Water

Drinking Only Water

If you saw my 7 Goals in 7 Weeks for 7 Days post for the end of 2017, you know that my first challenge was 7 days of drinking only water. This means cutting out my beloved cup of coffee, my afternoon tea and occasional evening glass of wine, among other beverages.

The reason I decided to tackle this challenge first is because I knew it would be the hardest for me. I am someone who very rarely reaches for a glass of water. If I do, it’s because I am forcing myself because I understand the health benefits, like:

drinking only water

Throughout my week of drinking only water, I recorded briefly how I was feeling each day, and whether I saw any improvements. Here is what happened:

Day 1- Sunday, Nov 12

I chose the worst possible day to start this challenge, because today is the day my boyfriend and I have designated to treating ourselves. My idea of treating myself would typically include starting my day off with a giant latté, but no, I had a glass of water. I tried to keep my spirits up throughout the day while my boyfriend and I adventured a beautiful natural retreat called Blue Mountain Village  but all I craved was coffee.

In total I drank 10 glasses of water on Day 1, and I had no trouble consuming that amount of water. I did, however, have a headache the majority of the day, probably due to caffeine withdrawal. I also needed to pee every hour on the hour, which was extremely annoying.

All in all, Day 1 was not fun. Hopefully the next few days will see more positive results!

Day 2 – Monday, Nov 13

Today was much better than yesterday. I had the day off from my serving job so I did some house cleaning and worked on my blog. Unlike yesterday, I didn’t get a headache from lack of caffeine, and I wasn’t craving it quite as badly, though still a lot.

I drank about 4 glasses of room-temperature water and 5 glasses of hot water. For one of the cups of hot water, I squeezed in a couple drops of lemon, but it didn’t really do anything for me so I stopped doing that.

Usually when I have the day off work I am constantly hunting for a snack. I feel like the water really filled me up and kept me busy, because I didn’t snack all day! Overall a much better day.

Day 3 – Tuesday, Nov 14

This was my first day at work since I began the challenge. This was difficult because as a server I am making cappuccinos and lattés and coffees all day long for my customers. Not to mention my co-workers and I get unlimited coffee and tea while we work which I typically take full advantage of.

What helped me through drinking only water (sounds dramatic- I know) was my new marble, stainless steel water bottle I bought on Amazon. Cheaper, yet quality alternative to those Swell bottles that you see everywhere. It kept my water cold all day!

drinking only water-bottle
This is an affiliate link meaning if you do purchase the bottle I will receive a small cut at no extra cost to you.

The following link takes you to Amazon if you are interested in checking out this water bottle.

Day 4 – Wednesday, Nov 15

My skin is definitely clearing up. Full disclosure, I did have a facial 2 days ago so that is probably a huge contributing factor in addition to the water. On days like today, when I have the day off to work on my blog, I usually go to a coffee shop and work remotely. That would just be torture, so I decided to do my errands and then just work from home.

Before this week started, I bought some sparkling water in case I really couldn’t stand plain water. It was going to be my Plan B, as it is still better than sugary drinks. Since it does have a bit of sodium, I really didn’t want to have to drink it this week. Thankfully, plain water hasn’t been so bad, so I haven’t drank any sparkling at all! Hopefully it stays this way. I drank more hot water than cold water again today.

Day 5 – Thursday, Nov 16

By today I am actually so proud of myself. It might be my imagination, but I feel like my jeans are fitting looser and I don’t feel at all bloated. This is surprising because you’d think drinking more than 8 glasses of water would contribute to water weight, but surprisingly it doesn’t! That must mean all this water is actually needed for my body to function properly.

I worked again today, making coffees all day long and I’m beginning to crave it less. I think when I go back to drinking coffee, I might try to drink it almost black, as opposed to my usual double double. That is another goal of mine which I hope to conquer in the New Year. I had no problem drinking more than 8 glasses of water today, which still surprises me!

Day 6 – Friday, Nov 17

I think I drank the least amount of water today. I probably drank only about 5 glasses (oops). It wasn’t that I was tired of it, I just woke up later than usual and didn’t think about it as much during the rest of the day.

The only thing I did differently was added some mint to my water once, and put a couple drops of oil of oregano in another glass because I have caught a cold. Definitely glad tomorrow is my last day!

Day 7 – Saturday, Nov 18

FINALLY the last day. Not going to lie, I’m really glad this is almost over with. Today I drank some sparkling water as a reward for actually getting this far. By midnight, my challenge was over with and I cracked open a cider!

Tomorrow I start my new challenge: No Technology Before 10pm!

Before I do, here are my final thoughts from the Drinking Only Water Challenge:

In the end, drinking only water did save money, clear up my skin (a little bit), feel less bloated and more hydrated. I got a headache from caffeine withdrawal as expected, but got over it fairly quickly. It was difficult to stick to only water, but as a result I think I will more often reach for water, and drink less coffee as a rule.

I don’t necessarily recommend this challenge, I would say doing a “Drinks with no sugar” Challenge would be a better idea than drinking only water. Only water was a touch extreme, at least for me, but I am glad I got through it! On to the next week of the #777Challenge!

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8 thoughts on “The Week of Drinking Only Water

  1. In times where I’ve cut caffeine out cold turkey I’ve had horrible headaches!! Now I try not to drink coffee every day and not after noon, and don’t get a headache on the non-coffee days. I also take my water bottle almost everywhere and the peeing every hour on the hour is. for. real. I sometimes wonder if people at my work think I do it to get out of working, but honestly I just drink a lot of water!

    Proud of you though – a week is a long time.


    1. Thanks Cate! Not after noon seems like a great compromise. I definitely want to keep drinking more water and less coffee. Thanks for reading 🙂


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