Toronto Women In Music: Volume 3

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the music thus far from the first 2 Volumes of Toronto Women In Music, and was very excited to have received more songs to share with you for Volume 3!

It is so amazing to have such empowering, inspirational women releasing positive vibe songs from the place where I live. I am proud and pleased to present the following new anthems and the Artists who graciously shared them!

If you haven’t checked out the first two Volumes yet, be sure to visit these links for more amazing music! Toronto Women In Music – Volume 1   &   Toronto Women In Music- Volume 2


Kristy Hagerman


Kiss Me Like You Mean It

I am a huge fan of Kristy’s already, and this song from her upcoming album “Right” is nothing short of phenomenal. This is your Go-To Pop song for that exciting love story you just want to sing about! The music video was shot in Toronto, and is very well done.


Michelle Thibodeau


Allons-Y On Y Va!

This is the first French song of the Toronto Women In Music Series, and it just so happens to be my own song! Allons-Y On Y Va is a light-hearted love song about travelling the world with your loved one and not needing anything but each other. The main part of the chorus means “We have all the time in the world and the world for all of time.”


Sarah Hiltz


Fight Your Dark

The perfect folky tune that makes you feel and makes you smile at the same time. I LOVE this song, and have listened to it many times since I received this link. I love the last line of the chorus “I guess I won’t be leaving you alone to your fight your dark.” The instrumentation and the vocals in this song are equally amazing!


Lora Ryan

Lora Ryan-Toronto Women In Music

Best Of Me

This song is exactly what an inspirational, empowering song should sound like! Lora is a talented singer-songwriter who was also featured in my Boss Lady Buzz Series. Check out her Interview Here!


Emily Shultz

Toronto Women In Music-Emily

All I’ve Ever Needed

Emily is one of my best friends and I am one of her biggest fans! This song inspires confidence, and allows you to be in control of your sexuality. An amazing, jazzy vocal performance as well, certainly a must listen!

Support these local artists by letting them know if you were a fan of their song!

Thank you to all those who submitted. Unfortunately I couldn’t feature everyone’s song, but I did listen to all of them and was so impressed by everyone’s work. I am so thrilled to be a member of such a great community of women in music.

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