Happy 1 Month To My New Blog!

new blog 1 month

My new blog went live October 25th, 2017 so it has officially been 1 month! I thought I would take a few minutes to write about how it’s been going, what I have learned and some goals I have for the upcoming months!

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog so far. If it weren’t for you, I probably would have given up by now. Thanks to the support I am receiving, I am so motivated to continue full speed ahead!

For the first month, I put up a new blog post every single day. I am very proud of this accomplishment as it was a whole lot of work. In addition, I have been trying to promote the blog every day to grow my following on several different platforms. Speaking of which, if you have any of these socials, I would love to connect with you:

Instagram        Twitter      Pinterest       Bloglovin’

Speaking of socials, my goal was to have 100 followers on both Instagram and Twitter when my blog went live a month ago. I achieved 100 on Instagram, and was at about 97 on Twitter when I launched the blog, so I would consider that goal met.

Now, one month later, I have 189 on Instagram and 173 on Twitter. If I can keep adding about 100 every month I will be happy.

The blogging community is so much more supportive than I would have thought! When I had the idea to start blogging I didn’t know there were groups and huge communities out there that are willing to help. It was such a nice surprise. When I see a really successful blogger it inspires me to continue to work hard and learn how to make myself better.

I have learned a lot about the “behind-the-scenes” of blogging that I had no idea about. So much work goes into each new blog post like created featured image graphics compatible with each social media platform, promoting each post and going through the search engine optimization and keyword planners. It’s definitely not easy!

Blogging Goals For The Next Month

  • 300 followers on Twitter & Instagram
  • 100 followers on Pinterest & Bloglovin’
  • Continue to post every single day
  • Keep up with scheduling posts a few days in advance
  • Use social media schedulers (like Hootsuite) more
  • Create an email list and start building it
  • Improve my photography skills
  • Learn more about how to become a successful blogger
  • Grow the visitors on my new blog exponentially

These are a few of my main priorities over the next month, but I am sure these will change and become more specific as I continue to learn.

If you enjoy reading about my journey as a blogger, let me know and I will continue to share my experiences. If you are a blogger and have any tips for me, feel free to reach out as I would love to learn more!

All my love,

SatisfyHerSoul xo

new blog-micelle

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11 thoughts on “Happy 1 Month To My New Blog!

  1. Happy 1 month-aversary! I understand how you feel, promoting blogs is a lot of work, almost a full time job! I am two weeks into it now and slowly but slowly. I hope that your goals are met. Keep writing great material and you will be a star!


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