Questions To Ask Yourself Before 2018

questions to ask yourself before 2018

2018 is right around the corner; Another year has past and inevitable ups and downs have given us lots of memories to reflect upon. Take the next couple of weeks to look back on your accomplishments and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. There are also some things you may have put on the back-burner that you’d like to revisit in anticipation of the New Year. This leads me to a list of Questions to ask yourself before 2018.

  • What accomplishment am I most proud of from 2017?
  • What is the greatest lesson I have learned this year?
  • Am I happy with where I am living and what I am doing with my life?
  • How will I change this for the better in 2018?
  • Who was the most important person in my life this year and have I thanked them?
  • Is there anything negative I want to leave behind as I enter the new year?
  • What is something I want to improve about myself this coming year?

Questions to ask yourself before 2018- Fill in the blanks:

  • This year, I am most thankful for ___________.
  • My main goal in 2018 will be _______________.
  • One thing I never thought I’d do- that I did in 2017 is _____________.
  • This year I accepted ___________.
  • Next year I am finally going to ___________.

Of course, I could go on and write 100 more questions to ask yourself before 2018. The truth is, reflection is a very personal process. The main thing is that you spend time looking back on everything that 2017 has brought, and deciding what you want from 2018.

Forgive yourself and others if you need to, or release any negativity associated with 2017 that you don’t want to bring with you into the new year.

Give yourself at least an hour of devoted time toward planning out what you want and how you are going to manifest your goals. These questions to ask yourself before 2018 is really just to get you thinking. Feel free to answer them, or create your own.

Do you have your own process at the end of the year for reflecting and creating new goals? Let me know in the comments below as I would love to read about and try new methods!

We can and we will succeed in 2018. Let us bring only joy, hope and love into the new year and learn from any bumps in the road we may have dealt with in 2017.

questions to ask yourself before 2018

Have a wonderful last few weeks of the year! Lets connect on Instagram    Twitter     Pinterest.

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