Week 4: The Bullet Journal Challenge

bullet journal challenge

If you have been following my posts for a few weeks, you may have seen my End of 2017: 7 Goals in 7 Weeks for 7 Days Challenge. To sum it up, I am challenging myself to something new every week for the remainder of the year. I can’t believe how fast these 7 weeks have been flying by! This past week I attempted the Bullet Journal Challenge. I was supposed to try to keep a bullet journal for a week… It was less than successful.

Although I didn’t spend as much time with my Bullet Journal as I meant to, I did still attempt to do a December monthly spread inspired by AmandaRachelLee. I did really enjoy doing this with a nice coconut milk cappuccino and my boyfriend by my side.

bullet journal amazon

PS: A huge thank you to said boyfriend, who actually bought me this bullet journal off Amazon in anticipation of this this challenge! What a sweetie. 

Doing the bullet journal provided the creative outlet and relaxation that I get from colouring in an Adult Colouring Book, yet felt much more productive!

I only did a couple pages, so I suppose it wasn’t a complete success, but we are only human and I’m not going to beat myself up over it too much. The following link to find this bullet journal online is an Amazon affiliate link, meaning if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Shop This Marble Bullet Journal!

These were the two spreads I did accomplish last week. Next year, I would really like to learn calligraphy and try my hand at keeping a bullet journal again. Hopefully, with practice, next time will go much better!

bullet journal decemberbullet journal december

This week was a much needed reminder that you can only expect so much out of yourself sometimes. I am still happy with what I did get done, considering how busy I was with work, blogging and preparing for Christmas!

If you have never heard of Bullet Journalling, and you are a planning fanatic like me, I highly suggest you look up tutorials and graphics on Youtube and Pinterest! It is seriously addicting and some of the art I have seen is absolutely amazing!

Speaking of Social Media Platforms, let’s be friends on Instagram    Twitter    Pinterest!

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