Lessons I Learned from My Mom and Dad

Lessons I Learned from my parents

I am one of those extremely fortunate souls that had the most joyful, loving childhood. Not a day goes by that I take that for granted. Blessed is an understatement for how I feel about my life growing up. That is not to say there weren’t normal ups and downs along the way, but I had THE BEST parents to help me deal with my losses and celebrate my wins. Of course, everybody learns the basics from the people who raised them. However, some lessons I learned from my Mom and Dad went above and beyond your typical parental duties and I would love to share some of those with you.

Lessons I Learned from my Mom and Dad


Lessons I Learned From My Mom

My mother is patient, loving, and intelligent. Since her childhood, my mom has always been an “old soul”: mature, even-tempered, wise, tea-drinking and book loving. These are all amazing qualities to have in a mom.

While my mother is sweet as pie, she is also very straight-forward and approaches situations with logic, rather than emotion. I sometimes struggle with being an overly sensitive, empathetic individual. I have learned from her that separating my head from my heart will help me to see things from a different, less emotionally-driven perspective. This is something I am still working on, but definitely a lesson I am thankful my mom has shared with me.

Another lesson I learned from my mom is not to be afraid to call people out when they are being unkind or unfair. My brother and I are naturally quite mild-mannered individuals who do not like confrontation. Because of this, my mom has always encouraged us to stick up for ourselves, instead of letting others take advantage of our kindness. “Don’t mistake kindness for weakness.” This has been a huge help in my professional life, as well as having more of a “back-bone” in my personal life.

Lastly, my Mom is a huge reason why I felt comfortable pursuing my dreams. She taught me to believe in myself and stand proudly when I speak about my career choice. Sometimes, people can be judgemental when they hear me call myself a Singer-Songwriter/Performer. With my Mom’s encouragement, I have learned that sometimes, humbly explaining the different facets that go into what I do, or listing some accomplishments will usually make people take me more seriously. This has been so valuable to me over the years and I know it will be a lesson to remember.

I could go on about the many things I learned from this beautiful woman. For the sake of this post, however, that concludes the Mother portion of Lessons I Learned From my Mom and Dad.


My father and I have your classic “Daddy’s Little Girl” relationship and I absolutely love it. He has the biggest heart for his family. He is active, hard-working and has the best sense of humour.

Ever since I was a little girl, my Dad would roll down the car windows while driving, stick his head out and shout that he loves me. It always made me laugh and blush. My Dad taught me that when you love, love with all your heart and don’t be afraid of what people think of you. Live unapologetically.

Another thing he taught me is to always be a fighter, stay positive and strive to be your best. In the last few years, my Dad has survived a heart attack and beat cancer. He never said “why me” or “I can’t”. He maintained a positive energy and attitude and both times he has come back stronger than before, mentally and physically. I am so proud of him and will always think of his strength and courage when going through tough times.

The last lesson I will share that I learned from my Dad is to make even the little things special. My Daddy could make everything fun. Getting ready for bed turned into piggyback rides, going through a drive-thru turned into funny accents and telling jokes, walking down the street would be skipping and laughing. Being fun-loving and filling your days with laughter is one of my favourite lessons I learned from my Dad.

To my dear parents, thank you for continuing to be such bright lights in my life. I love you very much, and I feel very loved by you.

Lessons I learned from my parents
Christmas 2014

To my dear readers, what are your favourite or most valuable lessons learned from your loved ones? I would love to read them in the comments below! 🙂

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