Open Letter To My Younger Self

Open Letter To My Younger Self

As they say, hind-sight is 20/20. If only we knew the things we know now, back when we were young and wanted the answers so badly. I realize the beauty in life is that we never know what is in store for us next. Sometimes, however, I think of the comfort I would have had back then, if only it were possible to have sent an Open Letter To My Younger Self.

When I think about this, I begin to wonder whether we ever really have the answers. More-so, what would be the prime age to write this open letter to my younger self?

Well, for the purpose of this blog post, the prime age is going to be 24, because that’s how old I am right now, as I write this letter.

Dear young Michelle,

You are going to be one of those fairytale believers who actually pursue their wildest dreams. The jury is still out on whether or not that was a good idea, but be proud knowing you’re gonna give it your all, anyway.

Try not to over-analyze everything that ever happens to you, it won’t help. Instead, know that you can trust your gut. I can assure you that up until now, anxiously doubting your ability to get through challenges is silly because you got this. You are so much stronger and braver than you think you are.

Would you believe me if I said you’re going to move across the country at the age of 18, all by yourself? How about if I said you’re going to graduate College, then move to Toronto and start a new life? You are going to love it.

I know growing up is hard and I know every little thing that happens seems catastrophic, but I promise it isn’t. These trials will just help you become who you are meant to be *Ahem, that’s me, older you*.

News Flash: The world is not going to end in 2012, but Donald Trump will become the President a few years later, which is basically the same thing. Don’t let the news make your heart cold and jaded. Life is as beautiful as you make it.

Lastly, learn the virtue of patience. You’re gonna have to “pay your dues” and work your ass off for everything you want. That is just the way life works, and it is actually very rewarding and exciting. The journey toward getting what you want can be just as grand as actually achieving it.

Learn to love yourself, little Michelle,
Love, older Michelle

PS: Prince Charming really is out there, his name is David, and you will meet him at an ice cream shop when you are 22.

I have realized that I have done a lot of unnecessary worrying over my life so far. In fact, I probably still do doubt myself more than I should. Maybe I will take my own advice from my open letter to my younger self and use it in the days to come.

We are ever-changing, learning and growing. Nobody has all the answers and that is perfectly fine. I wonder what new lessons I will learn at 25, 30 and 50.

Maybe in the future I will write a follow-up post entitled An Open Letter To My Younger Self Who Thought She Knew The Answers At 24 While Writing An Open Letter To Her Even Younger Self. Just kidding (I hope.)

For now, we can only do the best we can, and that is enough.

What would you say if you wrote a letter to your younger self? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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