Checkup Checklist For Women

checkup checklist for women

As the Boss Ladies that we are, occasionally we get so caught up in our giant To-Do Lists, that we sometimes neglect to take care of ourselves. Our health should be a top priority on our list, but it can be so difficult to determine which appointments and specialists we should be seeing. Which examinations do we need, at what age and how often? To answer these questions for you, I have done some research and have created A Checkup Checklist For Women !

Note: At the end of this post there are helpful Infographics and Printable Charts for you to Pin or save the documents for later use! The sources for the below information comes from and

Dermatologist Exam:

What: A visual body scan of your spots, moles and other potential skin problems.

When: Teens if needed, or once every other year for 20yrs+

Why: To treat skin conditions, severe acne, or to check skin for signs of skin cancer, such as changes in pigment or size of moles/spots. It’s also a great way to get information on your specific skin type to learn how to take care of it properly.


What: Teeth Cleaning & Examination

When: At least once every year.

Why: Oral hygiene is extremely important for so many reasons. They will check for cavities, clean any plaque build-up and brighten your smile! Consider an orthodontist as well if you have severe bite problems that might cause you pain in the future.


What: Eye Exam

When: If you are experiencing vision problems, severe headaches, or are over the age of 40 – get an exam every other year

Why: To check your vision and your overall eye-health. Getting your eyes checked could possibly detect early signs of eye problems that can be treated before the damage is done.

Family Physician:

What: Physical Examination including Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Body Mass Index and Mental Health

When: Annually

Why: To check for heart disease, cognitive decline and more. A change in diet or exercise may be suggested. Speaking about overall Mental Health on a regular basis with your doctor will help make it less intimidating of a subject if you are ever in need of support.


What: Cervical Screening (Pap-Smear) and Pelvic Examination

When: 21yrs+ , every 3 years

Why: To test for Cervical Cancer, HPV and Infection. This would also be a great time if you wanted to speak to your physician or gynaecologist about the different methods of birth control and decide which would work best for you.


What: An x-ray picture of the breasts

When: Every 2 years after age 50, or at any age if you notice changes to the look or feel of your breasts

Why: To detect breast cancer or locate any cysts or abnormalities. Make sure to examine yourself at home every so often as well by feeling for lumps or pain


What: An endoscopic exam that transmits images of the rectum and colon for screening

When: After age 50, or sooner depending on family history. Every 5-10 years

Why: To check for colon cancer, polyps, colitis, or any other abnormalities of the digestive system

Bone Density Test:

What: An x-ray of the bones

When: After age 50 , every 5 yrs or sooner if prone to fractures

Why: To check bone strength and mineral levels, to possibly detect osteoporosis

Blood Sugar Check:

What: A Blood-Glucose Meter (Finger-prick blood test)

When: Every 3 years after age 40, or sooner if high risk (family history or obesity)

Why: To detect Diabetes and other insulin regulation abnormalities

Hearing Test:

What: An Audiologists tests your hearing with a number of tools like an audiometer

When: After age 65 or as soon as a change in hearing is detected

Why: To determine if hearing aids would be beneficial as hearing loss is common in old age.

Now, I understand this all can seem quite overwhelming at first, but a lot of these tests only happen every few years or later in life. There are of course a lot of other specialists and appointments not mentioned on this Checkup Checklist For Women, but these are definitely the main ones.

Share this knowledge with the women in your life to ensure we all stay safe and healthy and know when to get ourselves examined. Better safe than sorry!

As promised, here are some Free Checkup Checklist for Women Printable Infographics that I made for you! Hope this helps!

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checkup checklist for women

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checkup checklist for women

Or Print This One And Check The Boxes

checkup checklist for women

I hope these Checkup Checklist For Women Printables and information were helpful to you! Share this post with your friends.

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