Week 5: The Week of Asking Questions

The week of Asking Questions

The fifth challenge from my End of 2017: 7 Goals in 7 Weeks for 7 Days, is The Week of Asking Questions. This meant that during the past 7 days I spent a lot more time that I usually would reaching out to people for help or to network. In addition, I also spent some time asking myself difficult questions and reflecting on the past year.

I really enjoyed the week of asking questions and can’t wait to do this challenge again sometime next year. It really forced me out of my comfort zone to contact people I normally wouldn’t. I had to remind myself many times that the worst that could happen is either I never hear back, or they say no. Both of which, I am positive I could handle.

So exactly what kind of questions did I ask this week? Without getting too specific, here is what I was up to, and some results I saw:

  • Emailed 7: Brands and Boss Ladies to interview for upcoming Boss Lazy Buzz posts.

This took the most time and was the most nerve-wracking but I have already gotten positive replies back from a few of the brands and it has only been a few days! I am so happy I took this risk

  • Booked 4 Studio Recording days for January.

As some of you might know, I am a Singer-Songwriter and am currently working on my third album. Since I am an Independent, self-represented Artist, I am in charge of booking my own studio time. Sometimes I am so busy that I procrastinate booking and only get in for one studio day per month. For the week of asking questions, I emailed the studio and booked 4 days for next month! I am so excited to make lots of progress on this project.

  • Asked to be compensated for my work.

I have paid my dues a lot after moving to Toronto to pursue my music career. This means I have played a few gigs where I practiced for hours and performed long sets without getting paid. For 2018 I have made a promise to myself that unless it is for charity, I will ask to be fairly compensated for every music gig I do. So, I emailed the places I have already booked for next year and asked politely to be paid. I am sure my future self will be very grateful.

  • Asked a friend with Mixing/Mastering skills to help with my home-recording.

Many times, I won’t ask for favours. This week, I decided what the heck. There was a song I recorded in my home studio and I found the sound levels were a little bit off. One of my friends went to school for Sound Engineering, so I asked him if I could send him the file for him to look at. Much to my surprise, he was very excited and prompt to help me, and now has asked me if there are any other songs he wants me to fix! He did all of this out of the kindness of his heart and I am very thankful. You’ll never know, unless you ask!

During the Week of Asking Questions, I not only reached out to others, but I took time to ask myself hard questions and evaluate my life and feelings. This is something I wouldn’t normally do, but it was very rewarding.

I won’t share the personal questions or my answers for privacy reasons, but I will encourage you to try this and see what you may have been bottling up. It was very freeing and a great thing to do right at the end of 2017!

Overall, the Week of Asking Questions was a huge success! Next up for the #777Challenge is waking up at 8am every day! Ps: Not super excited about this one… We’ll see how it goes.

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