How To: Deal With Failure

how to deal with failure

Unfortunately, no one is a stranger to failure. If we were successful at EVERYTHING we did, what would be the fun of trying? Failure and I have become super close over the years, as I have chosen a career as a Singer-Songwriter and Musical Theatre Performer. I spend more time auditioning for contracts that I don’t get than ones that I do get- And that’s okay! I have come to terms with this and have learned a few ways to deal with failure, and furthermore, how not to fear failure.

You may have heard these all before, but sometimes, as you deal with failure, these tips can be easily forgotten. A reminder can sometimes go a long way, so for that reason, here are a few ways I have learned to deal with failure:

  • Remember that when something doesn’t work out the way you want it to, it is because something better is about to fall into place.

  • Be proud of your attempt. Trying and failing is better than never trying at all.

  • Failing will make you stronger, so you know how to improve for next time. You either win, or you learn.

  • Channel your failure into determination. Take all of that negative energy you may be feeling and turn it into will-power to continue trying.

  • Even though overall you have come to the conclusion that you have failed, consider a different perspective. The fact that you got up, showed up and gave it your all is a success in itself. Pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments even if it wasn’t the outcome you were hoping for.

  • That old saying… “Fall down 7 times, and stand up 8.” Remember that it is normal to go through ups and downs and to have challenges and trying times. Just don’t give up.

The true way to deal with failure is to believe that you will succeed in the future. Have an unrelenting belief that you will achieve everything you want in life. That way, fear of failure shouldn’t be an issue. It no longer becomes a question of “How” will you get what you want, but “When” will you get it?

In this post we have been discussing the ways to deal with failure AFTER it happens, however there is also something to be said about fear of failure beforehand. As a performer, stage-fright and other performance anxieties have tried to get the best of me. At this point in time, I haven’t even experienced any failure, only the fear that it may happen. This, too, is normal and another topic entirely.

Let me know if writing a post about dealing with “beforehand” anxiety, the fear of failure, would also be useful to you. I am still learning how to deal with this myself, but if I share a few of my tips with you, then we can break the stigma and help each other.

How else do you deal with failure in order to Satisfy Her Soul? Let me know in the comments below!

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