The Week of: Waking Up At 8am

Waking Up At 8am

For my second last week of the End of 2017: 7 Goals in 7 Weeks for 7 Days #777Challenge,  I attempted waking up at 8am every morning. This was the challenge that I was dreading the most, after the The Week of Drinking Only Water. I am NOT typically a morning person.

Nonetheless, I decided I could have a more productive day by waking up at 8am to start my day right. I figured having more sunlight from longer mornings would result in a mood-boost. In addition, the extra hours would give me more time to get things done.

What I did not anticipate was the fact that I would be switching time-zones mid week, due to travelling home for Christmas. This meant that waking up at 8am, became EVEN EARLIER in my new time-zone.

Because of this situation which I had over-looked, I gave myself a little bit of wiggle room when it came to waking up at 8am. I still made an effort NOT to sleep in, but I wasn’t up and out of bed the second the clock struck 8am.Thankfully, since I have a dog at home that wakes me up early in the morning, it would have been impossible to sleep in too late anyway.

As far as the results of this challenge, since it is Christmas break, I haven’t been working overly hard. It would have been way more dramatic if I was back in Toronto, in the middle of my work week, doing the “Waking up at 8am” challenge. Then, I am sure I would have noticed a huge difference.

Even though this challenge was pretty successful, I think I will attempt this again in the New Year. A typical week would give me more accurate results and be more of a challenge. I am sure I will be pleased with how much more I can do by waking up at 8am.

What time do you usually wake up? Are you a morning person, or would this challenge be difficult for you, too? Let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on Twitter   Instagram   Pinterest  !

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