How To Make Stuffing From Scratch

Make Stuffing From Scratch

Ever since I was a child, Turkey Dinner with my family has been my favourite meal. For any major holiday, be it Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving, my mom prepares a fabulous feast and her homemade stuffing has always been the biggest hit. I have been helping her make stuffing from scratch for many years, and this Christmas I thought I would take pictures to document her recipe so I could share it with all of you!

Honestly, I make stuffing from scratch as a side dish for my dinner throughout the year and not only on Holidays. It is such a staple to me as it reminds me of home and tastes just so darn good!

 How To Make Stuffing From Scratch


*White Potatoes (I used 5 large)

*3 Tablespoons of Butter or Margarine

*1 large diced White Onion

*1 Tablespoon of Summer Savory (or sage as an alternative)

*Salt and Pepper to taste

*Dried Bread (we bought ours pre-dried, but you can dry the bread in the oven at a low temperature as an alternative)

The first step to make stuffing from scratch is to peel, wash and chop your potatoes. Boil them and mash them well. Add your 3 Tablespoons of butter and your diced onion to the pot.

Make Stuffing From Scratch

Next, you want to season your homemade stuffing with salt, pepper and summer savoury. Chances are, if you are not in Atlantic Canada, you will not be able to find Summer Savory. It’s definitely a widely known herb for Acadians such as myself, but if you are from other parts of the world, Sage will do just fine for this recipe.

If you end up putting your stuffing inside a turkey, these seasonings will help give the turkey even more delicious flavour, so don’t be shy!

Make Stuffing From Scratch

After you have mixed in all the previous ingredients, the last step is to add your dried bread. You want equal parts mash potatoes to dried bread in your stuffing. Crumble the bread into one inch or smaller pieces. Add them to the pot, and begin mixing it all together. Add more bread until you are happy with the 1 to 1 ratio.

To be honest, I sometimes mix the bread and potatoes using clean hands, because I find it easier than a spoon. Taste the stuffing (my favourite part) to make sure it is well seasoned.

Make Stuffing From Scratch

The last step is putting it into a dish to bake in the oven beside your turkey for 20-30 minutes until the top is crispy. Alternatively, if you would like it more moist, stuff it directly inside the turkey! My family usually makes enough stuffing to do both.

That is how we make stuffing from scratch at the Thibodeau household!

It is an absolute essential at our turkey dinners! Do you make stuffing from scratch at your house? I would love to know what ingredients you use to see how it varies in different families/parts of the world!

Let me know your recipe in the comments below, and furthermore, if you try this variation please let me know by finding me on  Twitter    Instagram    or    Pinterest!

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