Why I Admire Adele

why i admire adele

Adele is one of the top Boss Ladies of all time, obviously. Not only is she a hard-working business woman, but she is dripping in talent (and Grammy Awards). She also holds a whopping 3 Guinness World Records! Being a musician myself, these are all excellent examples of why I should look up to Adele. However, the actual reasons why I admire Adele go so much deeper than just her talent…

“Music should be made for the ears, not the eyes.” – Adele

One of the main reasons why I admire Adele is because she won’t cave to the pressures of the spotlight in terms of physical appearance. She knows that she is beautiful the way she is and encourages other women not to change for anybody.

why i admire adele

Her and her husband, Simon Konecki, had a low-key ceremony for their wedding. They also sold their mansion because they felt it was too much for their family of three. It goes to show that Adele is really not in it for the flashy materialism. Her family seems to be very down to earth and real.

Adele leads a life away from the tabloids, which I find very admirable. They even sued the paparazzi for photographing their son, Angelo, without permission. They won the lawsuit. It gives hope to emerging musicians like myself that a career in music doesn’t need to revolve around superficial things like fame and fortune.

It seems like she just has a true passion for music. In fact, Adele never dreamt of being a star. When she was in school she planned to be an A&R (someone who discovers musical talent). Turns out life had bigger plans for her!

why I admire Adele

In addition to being an extremely successful and talented woman under 30 years old, Adele is also quite the philanthropist. She donates her time to organizations such as MusiCares (for musicians in need) and SANDS (for families who lost a baby).

If all of these reasons weren’t enough, another reason why I admire Adele is because she believes in and stands for “equality for everybody, regardless of gender, race or sexuality.” It is so amazing when celebrities use their voice to spread positivity, love and acceptance.

DID YOU KNOW? Facts About Adele

  • Adele grew up in an un-musical family
  • She was in the same class as Jessie J and Leona Lewis. Talk about coincidence!
  • She appeared on the SitCom “Ugly Betty”
  • She song-writes with other artists! Her and Bruno Mars co-wrote “All I Ask”
  • Adele struggles with stage-fright and sometimes has panic-attacks backstage. The fact that she shows her vulnerability makes her so relatable and human.

why I admire Adele

This amazing woman is so young and already has so much going for her. The fact that she shares her struggles, stands-up for her beliefs and doesn’t get caught up in the superficiality of fame are all contributing factors as to why I admire Adele.

I can’t wait to hear her next iconic album, see her face her fears and slay the stage, and continue being such a Boss Lady in the years to come!

What is your favourite Adele song? I have too many that I adore, I couldn’t pick just one! Let me know yours in the comments below!

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One thought on “Why I Admire Adele

  1. They’re all my favourite. All of them. But…When We Were Young, Hometown, and Crazy are up there. As are First Love and Turning Tables.


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