What I Won’t Spend Money On In 2018

what i won't spend money on

Every year I make somewhat of a resolution to try to save money, but I never figure out how I will actually do it. In order to change your spending habits, you have to make a plan of action. This year, I have decided to make a “What I Won’t Spend Money On In 2018” list, that will hopefully save me hundreds of dollars!

A lot of these items or services on the list, are things that I treat myself to, which I don’t really need. When you add up how much some of these things cost, it truly is not worth my hard-earned cash.

I am sharing my list “What I Won’t Spend Money On In 2018” with you in hopes it will inspire you to look at where most of your unnecessary spending comes from. Maybe you will want to adjust a few things and save yourself a few dollars in 2018!


  • ATM Fees- It costs $3 or $4 dollars here in Canada every time you withdraw cash from an ATM that isn’t at your bank. It doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but it adds up. It is a completely unnecessary expense for me because my bank has various locations all around Toronto. I am going to either withdraw money before heading out, have an emergency $20 in my wallet, or find my bank when I need cash.
Estimated Savings: $40
  • Manicures/Pedicures- For the majority of 2017 I got a manicure every 3 or 4 weeks, and every couple months a pedicure as well. This cost me around $50-$70 bucks per month. I realized that although I enjoy having my nails done, I also really like doing it myself. There’s something nice about taking a few minutes of self-care to paint your nails. Plus it will save me hundreds of dollars this year!
Estimated Savings: $600
  • Gym Membership– Every month in 2017, I paid $50+ for my gym membership. Most of those months, I didn’t even use it. When I think of all that money down the drain, it makes me cringe. I still want to get fit this year, but I have a lovely apartment and gym accessories that I can use for free! It will be so much more private and easier because I won’t even need to leave my house!
Estimated Savings: $625
  • Ubers/Taxi- The only time I don’t use the public transportation system here in Toronto is when I am too lazy. As part of my “What I Won’t Spend Money On In 2018”, I decided I really have to start taking the most cost efficient mode of transportation. If I am really stuck, I will try to get a promotion code from a friend so that I can Uber for free!
Estimated Savings: $240
  • Online Clothes Shopping- Whenever I am shopping online for new clothes, it is usually because I am bored. I have plenty of clothes and since I am trying to become more minimalistic, I should really get rid of some, rather than buying more every few months. They always get me with “Free shipping after $75!” It’s seventy-five dollars I didn’t have to spend on clothes in the first place!
Estimated Savings: $350
  • Bottled Water- Not only is buying bottled water bad for the environment, it’s also extremely expensive. I am fortunate that the water where I live in Canada is drinkable from the tap. There is no need for me to buy it in a plastic bottle when I could get it for free and use my re-usable water bottles, or a glass!
Estimated Savings: $120
  • Lattes/Convenience Store Snacks- I have a bad habit that every time I pass by a coffee shop, or am at a gas station, I need to buy something. Usually it is in the form of a $5 coffee, which I only wanted because I walked by. Not only is this bad for my health, but it is really bad for my pocketbook. I will learn more self-restraint in this area of my life this year.
Estimated Savings: $250
  • Scratch Cards/Lottery Tickets- Every once in a while my boyfriend and I will pick up a couple scratch cards to do over coffee. It seems pretty harmless since it’s only once every couple months, but we never really win anything. It’s a waste of money!
Estimated Savings: $50
  • Multiple Drinks At Restaurants- Since I don’t drink enough water, I should be ordering water at restaurants instead of expensive drinks. I will allow myself a glass of wine with dinner if I so desire, but there is no need to spend $30 on drinks with my meal. One will be my maximum.
Estimated Savings: $250
  • New Books– I go book shopping whenever I can. There are so many books on my shelf that I haven’t even read yet. Definitely enough to get me through 2018 without buying a single book. I don’t have the money, or the space to keep purchasing new books at the rate I did last year.
Estimated Savings: $150
  • Music From iTunes- As a musician, I always make sure I get my music legally. Previously that meant that I purchased it on iTunes. Now that Spotify is a legal resource for music, I no longer need to pay $1.25 for every song I want to listen to. That being said, if there is a local musician I want to support, I have no problem buying a song or two! As a rule, I will stop buying so much music and listen to it on streaming services instead.
Estimated Savings: $50
  • Credit Card Interest- This is not a goal that I can begin immediately, as I still have some credit card debt I need to pay off. Sometime in 2018, I hope to be debt free and begin living within my means and only using credit when I can pay it off within the month.
Estimated Savings: $500

Overall estimated savings from my list of What I Won’t Spend Money On In 2018: $3,225.00

what I won't spend money on

To save over $3,000, just by cutting my unnecessary spending! That is the goal for 2018. I can’t wait to put these new habits into effect and reap the benefits!

What is on the top of your list for “What I Won’t Spend Money On In 2018”? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to reach out on

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4 thoughts on “What I Won’t Spend Money On In 2018

  1. Love this! I’ve actually decided to do a No Spend 2018. I have spent a lot on frivolous items over the years, a lot of which has been on subscription boxes and clothing. This year I am aiming to not spend any unnecessary or frivolous money. My hope is that it allows me to have more experiences this year and changes how I view “things”.


  2. I love your list. Different from the everyday new year wishlist we see. I totally with your number 1 and am planning towards reducing my spending in that aspect too. Nice list and did I mention that I love your blog too???


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