Boss Lady Buzz: Mimi Ikonn

Mimi Ikonn

There are very few people I look up to in the world more than this week’s featured Boss Lady, Mimi Ikonn. In November 2014, I actually had the opportunity to meet Mimi and her equally inspirational husband, Alex, at a Live Q&A Event they hosted here in Toronto.

mimi ikon
Nov, 2014

I had initially heard of Mimi from her first Youtube Channel, Everything Luxy. Her and her sister Leyla, shared make-up, fashion and hairstyle tips that caught my eye.

As I began to learn more about Mimi and the lifestyle she aspired to have, I began to look at her more as a role model, more than a beauty guru.

As the years have gone by, I have watched Mimi Ikonn and her husband Alex settle into the life they have always dreamed of. Throughout this time, they have always stayed humble, gracious, kind, giving, hard-working and ambitious. All of Mimi’s values and goals seem to be very similar to my own, and every book she has recommended, I have read and loved.

Before I share some of the wisdom and quotes I have learned from Mimi Ikonn, I will start by sharing her coming-of-age story. I learned a lot of this story from the incredible podcast interview Mimi Ikonn did with Jess Lively.

Mimi Ikonn

Mimi Ikonn Through The Years

  • Grew up in Baku, Azerbaijan and spoke many languages as a child, primarily Russian.
  • Though she comes from humble beginnings, Mimi and her sister Leyla always dreamt of America and the glamorous life they could lead there.
  • When Mimi was 16 years old, her parents sold their house and quit their jobs in order to move their family to another country to pursue the life they hoped for.
  • They landed in Toronto, Canada and began a new life. In order to support her family in this new country, Mimi was working two jobs (serving and at a bank) while maintaining good grades in school.
  • While Mimi was working at the bank, she met her future husband, Alex Ikonn. After he pursued her persistently for a long time, Mimi finally agreed to go out with him. They went ice skating, and the rest is history!
  • Because of Mimi’s love of travel and business, she decided to try a College degree in International Business, but dropped out after a year when she knew it was not for her.
  • Next, she completed a course as an image consultant and stayed in that line of work for a couple years before deciding she could not see herself selling her fashion services for a long period of time.
  • At this point, Alex and Mimi Ikonn realized they dreamt of a life selling products rather than services because they wanted freedom of time and mobility.
  • As they planned for their wedding, Mimi bought expensive hair extensions and found that she was extremely unhappy with the product. At that moment, Alex, Mimi and her sister Leyla saw the gap in the market for hair extensions.
  • Their idea turned into a business (Luxy Hair) over the course of 3 months of hard work sourcing suppliers and testing samples.
  • Four months after launching the product, Mimi and Alex were living in their dream location, the south of France, running their company. They called it a “Workcation”!
  • Just as they found success, Mimi also found herself overwhelmed with anxiety and depression. She soon figured out that without working hard and having a routine, she felt she didn’t have a purpose or goal to challenge her.
  • After doing a 10 day, completely silent meditation retreat called Vipassana, Mimi learned to create inner peace which helped her deal with her mental health.
  • Her and Alex decided that although their business was successful, they wanted to have an office to work in, with employees and constant projects to work on. This, along with helping others, has been their new purpose to continually evolve and grow.
  • Alex and Mimi welcomed their precious daughter Alexa into their lives on October 6, 2016. They are currently living in London, UK.
Mimi Ikonn

My Favourite Mimi Ikonn Quotes:

  • “Real life experience is so valuable if you decide to be an entrepreneur.”
  • “Your late teens to early twenties is a great time to really hustle and work hard.”
  • “If you get stuck in one place in life, you’ll get stuck mentally as well.”
  • “Sometimes you just have to surrender to life and what’s happening.”
  • “The whole world conspires to help you achieve the true desires of your heart.”
  • “Believe in your own ideas. It doesn’t matter if other people do.”

Some of the products Mimi and Alex have created in addition to Luxy Hair are: The Productivity Planner, The Five-Minute Journal, and The Bingo Theory.

I truly hope to lead a life similar to Mimi’s, working hard, creating things I am passionate about and raising a family. She will continue to be a role model in my life and I hope that if you have similar goals and aspirations, she has inspired you as well.

If you are interested in finding Mimi Ikonn on social media, here are her links:

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