Liebster Award Nominee 2018! Part 1

the liebster award

After two and a half months of blogging, I am very excited and proud to say I have been nominated for the Liebster Award 2018! Big shout-out and thank you to Wait, Marina Who? for the nomination!

the liebster award

The Liebster Award is an award for bloggers, by bloggers. It is a chance to explore and discover new bloggers from around the world! The word, Liebster, is a German term of endearment. Last year’s Liebster Award winner was, so definitely go check out her blog as well!

When nominated for the Liebster Award, if you choose to accept, you are encouraged to make a post (like this one) that includes the following:

  • 10 facts about yourself

  • A list of bloggers that you have chosen to nominate

  • 10 questions for the bloggers you have nominated

  • Answer the questions from the blogger who nominated you

So, without further ado, I happily accept the Liebster Award and will provide my facts and answers below! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I will be announcing the bloggers I have nominated and for the Liebster Award along with their questions! Please note, there will be a couple affiliate links in this post, meaning if you click on the product and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

10 Facts About Me!

  1. My name is Michelle Thibodeau, I am 24 years old and I have chosen to pursue a career as a Singer-Songwriter. 13432338_1049630701789295_8259047617388194566_n.jpg
  2.  My favourite book of the moment is What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey. Check out my review of this book to find out more about it!Liebster Award
  3. Over the course of my childhood, I was a competitive gymnast and trained 3 hours almost every day after school. It was my passion and I had hopes to someday be in the olympics. Unfortunately, in my pre-teens a severe back injury ended my gymnastics career.
  4. In the last five years, two of the most exciting people I have had the chance to sing for in person are Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Mr. David Foster.

    5. I am a classic board-game addict! Some of my favourites are Scrabble and Monopoly!

    6. I have an older brother named Denny, and a White Shepherd named Winter!

    7. My most recent single “Checkmate” was played nation-wide here in Canada on CBC Radio One!

    Michelle Thibodeau
    From the Checkmate music video, photographed by Grace Bennett

    8. Someday, I hope that traveling will be a big part of my life. I just booked my first all-inclusive trip down south for my 25th birthday coming up very soon!


    9. My next big purchase that I am currently saving for is a DSRL Camera, specifically the Canon Rebel T6i. The Liebster Award

    10.  My favourite song in the whole world is Songbird by Fleetwood Mac. It reminds me of my loving mother 🙂

    Next, I will be answering the questions given to me by fellow blogger and Liebster Award nominee, Wait, Marina Who?. Thank you for the questions, Marina!


    My Answers to the Questions:

    1.  Use five adjectives to describe your blog.

Motivational, Empowering, Safe, Heartfelt, Festive

         2. Your favorite city in the world?

Shédiac, New Brunswick- The most incredible beach and where my favourite childhood memories took place!

         3.   Where are you from and where are you currently living?

From, Moncton, New Brunswick, currently living in Toronto, Ontario

         4. Three best things about the city you currently reside?

Opportunity, Diversity, The centre for Music in Canada

          5. Your goals in 2018?

Release my third album of original music, Get paid for my blogging work, Travel somewhere new!

         6. Your favorite TV show?

Stranger Things or Dance Moms

          7. How did you come up with your blog name?

My boyfriend and I were driving back from a weekend get-away, and I was deciding on a name for my blog. When explaining to him what I wanted the blog to be about, I said it would be a safe place where women could go to get inspired and empowered – a place to Satisfy Her Soul. The name was catchy and explained exactly my mission, so Satisfy Her Soul was born!

           8. Where do you get most of your blog inspirations from?

I get inspired by anyone or anything who is empowering or motivational. Lifestyle hacks and things that spread joy also inspire and excite me to write blog posts, because I want to share it all with my readers!

So honoured to be participating in the fun that is the Liebster Award!

the liebster award

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post where I will announce the 5-10 new bloggers that I have nominated. I’ll also be posting my 10 questions for them, so definitely stay tuned and check back tomorrow for that!

Much love,  Satisfy Her Soul

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