12 Team Members For Musicians

team members for musicians

In order for a musician to take their career to the next level, they must build a team of professionals to help in different aspects of their career. It is vital that the musician’s team is supportive, honest, hard-working and knowledgeable. Today, I am going to share 12 team members for musicians and briefly explain each of their roles.

Once you get the ball rolling with your music career, you can either seek out these professionals yourself, or occasionally they will come to you. There is no perfect time, or specific order to hire these different team members for musicians. Everyone’s career needs are different.

Some musicians are multi-disciplinary and have learned some of these roles themselves in order to have more control, or to save money. The music industry is becoming very Do-It-Yourself in a lot of ways, so if you can learn different skills like home-recording, graphic design or booking your own shows, it may give you a slight advantage.

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Here are 12 Team Members For Musicians:


  • Helps with career strategy
  • Co-ordinates scheduling
  • Pitches you to other team members for musicians
  • Acts as the middle-man/woman in business transactions
  • Helps take your career to the next level

Entertainment Lawyer

  • Aids with writing/settling contracts
  • Counsels you with legal advice
  • Specializes in entertainment agreements


  • Oversees sound recording projects, controls recording process
  • Helps with song selection/arrangements
  • Makes your vision for your song come to life
  • Hires and schedules session musicians for recording
  • Coaches performances during the recording session

Accountant/Finance Manager

  • Offers financial advice
  • Records in-going and out-going revenue
  • Helps during tax season

Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer

  • Typically 3 separate engineers, on rare occasion an engineer may do all 3 jobs
  • Recording Engineer chooses mics and sets recording levels. Ensures you get the best quality sound recording
  • Mixing Engineer adjusts instrument volumes and adds effects
  • Mastering Engineer prepares and formats for distribution. Removes tonal imbalances with compression and EQ

Tour Manager

  • Co-ordinates the touring process for a musician or band
  • Books accommodation, equipment, transportation and crew
  • Deals with the venue, collects money after gig is complete
  • Takes care of day to day problems, ensuring a smooth-running tour

team members for musicians


  • Helps to secure media such as tv and radio interviews, blogs or newspaper press
  • Acts as a liaison between the musician and the media
  • One of the team members for musicians that helps to create and fulfill your marketing campaign

Music Supervisor

  • A Music Supervisor oversees the music that gets plays in TV, film, video games and more
  • Offers you contracts to license your music for synchronization
  • Has your song catalogue on hand to recommend you to directors when a licensing opportunity arises that fits your music

Radio Promoter

  • Works with musicians to achieve radio airplay goals
  • Introduces artists to radio marketplace/radio station program directors
  • Helps to increase the sales of your recordings

Booking Agent/Promoter

  • Books your gigs/performances
  • Negotiates your guarantees/deal with the venue
  • Usually helps to promote your show

team members for musicians

Digital Media Strategist

  • Helps you develop your brand and grow your online presence
  • Knows graphic design, web development and social media strategies
  • Bonus if they can do your photography, logo or album artwork

Record Label

  • Helps musicians market and distribute their recordings
  • Strategizes with musician on future career moves
  • Loans the musician funding to complete the recording, marketing and distribution
  • Often contracts you to work with their specific team members for musicians
  • Most labels can generate lots of buzz around your release with their larger network and reach in the music industry

So, that concludes my list of 12 Team Members for Musicians! I hope this was educational and helpful to any of you budding musicians out there. Keep in mind, I am not an expert in this field, just have taken a lot of courses and seminars to learn the ins and outs of the industry.

If you have any questions, or would like to share your music with me, please leave me a comment below! I would love to support your journey.

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