25 Before 25: Progress Update!

25 Before 25

I am about one month away from turning 25 and a month into my list of 25 things to accomplish before I turn 25 years old. I wanted to make a quick progress update to let you know how I’m doing and also remind myself what needs to be done. Without any further ado, here is my 25 before 25: progress update!

25 Before 25

  1. Start the Satisfy Her Soul Youtube Channel – Haven’t Done this yet
  2. Save $500 in my Tax Free Savings Account – Success!
  3. Travel somewhere new- Going to Cuba with my boyfriend on the day before I turn 25! That will be my last thing on my 25 before 25. Can’t wait to blog about my experience 🙂
  4. Change gyms – I cancelled my gym membership and started going to dance classes, so I would say that is a success!
  5. Take a dance class- As I said above, I have been taking Ballet Bootcamp and I love it, but my muscles do not hehe.
  6. Write 3 new songs- I have worked on 2 new songs in the studio but still would like to write one new one.
  7. Start writing an E-Book- I have been brain storming ideas for this, but can’t say I have started this yet.
  8. Learn 1 song on Harmonica- To be honest, I haven’t even opened my harmonica case, but I will do that very soon.
  9. Lower my credit card interest- I went to the bank and amalgamated my credit so my interest is a total of 18% less each month, success!
  10. Lower my monthly phone bill- Have yet to make this dreadful phone call, but have been looking online for different packages
  11. Have a 48 Hour retreat-Since I am going on an all-inclusive trip to Cuba for a week, I would say this is a success!
  12. Cut down to 1 milk 1 sugar in my coffees- Today I had an espresso with one sugar and NO milk!
  13. Volunteer- I researched places I can volunteer (and made this post about it Ways To Volunteer In Your Community) but have yet to make arrangements.
  14. Research potential summer jobs/gigs- I have a new recording project on the go but will still be looking to book my summer music festivals and gigs
  15. Apply for a music grant- Just submitted for a grant today!
  16. Apply for an agent- Haven’t even tried this one at all yet
  17. First contacts for album release- Have worked a lot on the albums- not so much on the contacts.
  18. Make a crowd-funding campaign- Read answer #17 lol
  19. Re-furbish furniture with David- We discussed that it would be a great idea when we have our own place, but do not have the space for it at the moment.
  20. Make a story-board for a musical- Haven’t touched this task yet
  21. Produce a Showcase in Toronto- Contacted Boss Lady Buzz: Singer-Songwriter Lora Ryan to do this with me and we are meeting in early February!
  22. Reconnect with an old friend- My old roommate, who now lives in British Columbia, came to visit me to have tea and make zopf the other day
  23. See another theatre show- Went to Medieval Times with my boyfriend!
  24. Host a tea party for my friends- Having an afternoon brunch with old friends and new friends next Sunday!
  25. Go to the library in Toronto- Haven’t done this yet but my friend Jillian said she would love to come with me!

25 Before 25

I am actually doing better than I expected on this progress update for 25 Before 25!

Is there anything else that you suggest I do before hitting this age milestone? Leave your suggestions in the comments below for me !

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