100th Post – Satisfy Her Soul Manifesto

Satisfy Her Soul Manifesto

My blog, Satisfy Her Soul, has recently reached its third month since going live. I have blogged every day since then, which means that today is my official 100th post. In honour of this milestone, I thought I would share with you the Satisfy Her Soul Manifesto.

Manifesto: A public declaration of policy and aims; Mission statement

Of course, my hopes and biggest goals for this blog are bound to change slightly over time, but the following manifesto sums up, in a few ideas, what I hope to achieve with Satisfy Her Soul.


Satisfy Her Soul Manifesto

  • To create a safe space for women to turn to that will encourage, inspire and accept them. A lot of the content we see online and on social media can often be negative, degrading or uninspiring. I promise to keep the content on this blog uplifting, motivational and empowering for women all over the world.


  • Satisfy Her Soul seeks to share the stories of incredible women who are succeeding or pushing forward change in their chosen fields. In my opinion, there is nothing more inspiring than hearing that others have achieved their dreams, and you can too!


  • To support anyone who needs words of encouragement. I would love this to become a community of people helping others and standing up for the causes we feel most passionate about. Satisfy Her Soul strives to be a platform for positive change.


  • This blog is also about making your everyday life easier, and more enjoyable. I will often post life-hacks, tips and tricks, ideas, or inspirational words to keep you going daily. Keeping a positive mind-set can be a lot of work, so hopefully consistent uplifting content from Satisfy Her Soul will make it slightly easier to stay in good spirits.


  • Even though there will be a lot of serious content about achieving your goals and empowering each other, I also aim to make a lot of content just for fun. I truly believe laughing and smiling through life is the best way to keep your stress and worries at bay, so I will strive to make my posts light-hearted and fun-loving. Life is about a balance between hard-work and play and I hope to reflect that in my Satisfy Her Soul Manifesto.

Satisfy Her Soul ManifestoMusic is a HUGE part of my life, as I am primarily a singer-songwriter, so this blog will ultimately include a lot of content about music as well. Hopefully this slight variance from my main niche is okay. After all, in my opinion, music can Satisfy Her Soul just as much as inspiration, empowerment and lifestyle hacks.

Lastly I do want to mention that I will soon be making some efforts to monetize some aspects of this blog. Making money from this blog is certainly not a part of the Satisfy Her Soul Manifesto, however it will result in better quality content in the long-run. I would love to eventually have enough traffic and income from my blog so that I can cut out one of my many jobs to focus even more time on the blog. Maybe sometime soon I can blog full-time!

Thank you for reading my 100th post! If you like like the main ideas of the Satisfy Her Soul Manifesto, please follow my journey with this blog on:

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