January Resolutions Recap

January Resolutions Recap

You may have seen my post entitled 48 New Year’s Resolutions: January – April where I explained that I was going to be challenging myself this year in terms of resolutions. Each month, I am giving myself 4 goals to work on and improve myself. I have divided my personal goals into 4 categories: Mental Growth, Physical Health, Career & Success and Expanding My Horizons. It is hard to believe that the past month has gone by so quickly, meaning it is time for my January Resolutions Recap.

January Resolutions Recap

Here is a reminder of what my goals were for the month:

  1. Mental Growth: Learn a New Language – Italian
  2. Physical Health: Plank Challenge – 2 x 2 minutes every day
  3. Career & Success: Budget & Limit Spending – no restaurants or impulse buys
  4. Expanding Horizons: Try Foods & Recipes- 5 new foods/recipes

So, how did I do? Which goals were a success and which slipped through my fingers?

January Resolutions Recap:

Learning Italian

1. I did make a conscious effort to learn Italian this month. I work at a restaurant with a few people that speak fluently in Italian, and they were such a great help. It was a lot of fun and I am already starting to comprehend bits and pieces of sentences to figure out what is being said.

I am definitely not proficient in this language yet, but I did learn how to say quite a few words and short phrases over the last 30 days. I think I would like to continue this goal throughout the year. Maybe I will download an app that helps you learn a language, or start watching shows in Italian!

Plank Challenge

2. When I went home for Christmas, my Dad and I had a lot of fun doing plank challenges against each other. We held one of our planks for 2 minutes and 50 seconds. So, when thinking of a physical challenge for January’s resolutions, I thought continuing my planking wouldn’t be too hard. Let’s just say I didn’t really follow through (at all) with this goal, so I will be adding it onto my physical health goals for February.

Spending Less

3. This was a very challenging task for me. Typically, my boyfriend and I go out for breakfast at least once a week. Not only that, but I go to dinner way too much with friends and I’ve noticed it’s where the majority of my monthly savings goes. This month, David and I only went out for breakfast once, I worked from home the entire month (instead of spending at a café), and I made way more meals in my own kitchen.

Treating ourselves in moderation is so much better than emptying your bank account and feeling guilty about it afterwards. I plan on continuing to save money this year by eating out less, and quitting online clothes shopping.

Trying New Foods

4. During the month of January, I had fun trying new foods. I grew up being such a fussy eater and only recently have branched out of my comfort zone. I tried eggplant for the first time, and didn’t like it very much. One thing I LOVED and will definitely try again is tandoori spiced salmon. This Indian spice is so delicious and flavourful! I tried potato & spring leek soup which was sooo good! I definitely need to learn how to make it at home.

As for recipes, I did make my roommate’s  swiss zopf bread recipe by myself for the first time, which was a success! In the grand scheme of trying food, I am still very picky and there are many things I am not brave enough to try yet. Stepping out of my food comfort zone has been a fun experience and I can’t wait to try making and eating more new dishes in the near future!

january resolutions recap

As a whole, I would say that 3/4 goals were successful based on my January Resolutions Recap. As for the plank challenge, I will add it onto my list of February Resolutions so I can still accomplish it this year. May no goal be left behind! Here is a look at my February Resolutions!

Upcoming February Resolutions:

Mental Growth: Retreat – vacation for mental wellness

Physical Health: 2/3 meals are vegan – plus plank challenge 2 mins x twice a day

Career & Success: Grow Social Media Platforms – increase followers & make content

Expanding Horizons: Travel Somewhere New – 25th birthday trip

I am so very excited to tackle these new challenges this month! The most difficult will probably be the physical health resolutions, which was also the hardest from my January Resolutions Recap. I wonder if the physical health goals being the most challenging will be a trend this year. If so, I will learn a lot about myself and focus on becoming better in that area.

What are your goals for the month of February? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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