Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Less than two weeks until we celebrate our love for one another! I am so grateful there is a day dedicated to showing those around us that we care and are thinking of them. A gesture, a gift or even just some heart-felt words can make a person’s day. Even if you don’t have a romantic partner, you can still show appreciation for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Not sure where to start? Here are 20 unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas, ranging from free to slightly luxurious!

Disclaimer: Some of the items in this post are linked to Amazon for your shopping convenience. Please keep in mind, as an affiliate I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you. Happy shopping!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – 2018!

  • Map Art-

A collage of maps that feature where you met, your first date, and more significant events! Meaningful and handmade! Frame it for extra points.

  • Blanket Fort Movie Night-

Treat your friends or significant other to their favourite snacks, an awesome film and the coziest place to watch it!

  • After Dinner Digestif-

Cognacs, Brandys and Dessert Wines are so nice to have but are often overlooked while shopping for ourselves. Perfect idea for a gift.

Have a friend whose phone is always dead? Let them know you’re thinking of them!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

  • A Massage-

 This gift can be in the form of a gift certificate, or to make it more personal, perform the massage yourself!

  • Personalized Playlist-

 Just because the days of mixed-tapes are over, doesn’t mean a hand-picked playlist will go unappreciated! Make a playlist of songs that remind you of your relationship and share it with your loved one.

 Are they a coffee lover? A cute french-press is practical and goes extremely well with a mug and some ground coffee beans!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

  • Succulent/Money Tree-

 If you know someone who is like me, notorious for accidentally killing every plant they have owned, try getting them a succulent or money tree. They are supposed to brighten your mood, bring you good luck, and they are difficult to kill!

  • Candy- 

Go to Bulk Barn or a candy shop, grab one of their holiday-inspired containers, and fill it up with all of the best candies and chocolates. Cute, easy and delicious!

  • Plan A Scavenger Hunt-

 Make Valentine’s Day an adventure! Write down clues with riddles ranging from easy to hard, leading to a gift or event of your choice. Keep it in the home, or travel around your city!

 Let’s be honest, everyone loves a nice smelling home to set the mood. Choose a romantic scented oil & a diffuser for the perfect date night gift!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

  • Personalized Calendar-

Who is that person in your life that doesn’t have a calendar yet, even though it’s mid-February? Grab some of your favourite photos of you both and head to a printing shop to make a custom calendar!

  • Piggy Bank For Date Nights-

Date nights can be expensive and it’s hard to remember to set aside money for leisure. Give the gift of a date night piggy bank! Hint: Buy them a bottle of wine and make a custom “Piggy Bank” label. Drink the wine on Valentine’s Day and then store bills in the empty bottle for a trip or extravagant date.

  • Custom Magnets-

 Find magnetic strips at your local dollar store, and hot-glue them to small picture frames, handmade art, or anything else to make a personalized magnet!

 A nice set to make shaken drinks makes such a lovely gift! Add a bottle of their favourite liquor, or a fancy glass to make it extra luxurious.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

  • Love Note-

In this technology-crazed world, there is something so special about an old fashioned, hand-written letter. Pour your heart out for the ones you love and give them a love note this Valentine’s Day.

  • Keychain-

 This might seem like a silly gift idea at first, but people use their keys every single day. It’s perfect for a daily reminder that you love them, and I’m sure you could find one that is going to mean a lot for your special someone.

  • A Memorable Date Night- 

Why not just plan an amazing date for your loved one? If you need ideas, here is my post for 50 Date Ideas – For Any Budget!

  • Artwork- 

Help decorate their home with a painting or artwork of some kind. If you aren’t artsy yourself, hire a talented friend or professional artist to make a custom painting!

  • Heartfelt Words-

 Make a phone call to your family or friends to let them know you are thinking of them and that they are loved. Sometimes, your kind words mean more than any gift. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I hope these 20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas inspired you and that you enjoyed this post. Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Which of these Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas was your favourite? I would love to know in the comments below!

For the record: I am aware that Valentine’s Day is a love or hate holiday. Some people say it’s all about commercialism and not so much about love. Others say it’s only good for people in relationships. Despite all of the negative opinions surrounding this holiday, I personally LOVE it!

Let’s cherish this day for expressing our love for one another. Even without spending money, we can be kind and open our hearts for one another. In my eyes, any day where we are celebrating happiness and love is a good day in my books!

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