20 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money

Easy Ways to Make Money

With the warmer months just around the corner, I can almost taste the vacation days and adventures that will take place this year. In order to have these road trips and activity-filled days, it of course costs money. Every time around this time of year, I like to think of easy ways to make extra money so I can fill my summer with lots of adventure.

I thought I would share my recent brainstorm of easy ways to make extra money with you, in case you might like to try one. Keep in mind, depending on your personal skills and which opportunities might be available to you, not all of these will be suitable for everyone. However, I am certain you will be able to get inspired by these ideas and in turn, make some extra pocket money this year!

20 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

 #1 – House Sitting

Know someone who is going away? Offer to keep an eye on their place for them. Take in the mail, do the garbage, and make sure the house is taken care of while the owners are away. Often, they will offer a bit of money for your time!

#2 – Social Media Assistant

Are you talented at branding yourself online? Know how to use each Social Media platform and grow followers & likes? Lots of companies are looking for individuals to run their Social Media accounts for them. Take advantage of your social skills!

#3 – Salesperson on Etsy

Do you know how to make jewellery, custom art or digital printables? With Etsy, the possibilities are endless. Make some prototypes of possible products, do some market research online, and start your own business from the comfort of your home with an online storefront!

#4 – Landscaping

This work could include mowing lawns, planting gardens, or overall property maintenance. Ask your family, friends or neighbours if they need any help in this department, and it could be a fun, outdoor way to make some dolla dolla bills this spring/summer season.

#5 – Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

I’ve never tried dog walking, but I definitely want to make this a priority at some point in my life. Caring for animals gives me so much joy, and I can’t believe you can get paid for it! Pet sitting is also an option, reach out to people you know with pets and let them know you would be interested if they ever need a hand!

#6 – Personal Cook

Are you a great cook, and can easily organize meal-prep for the week? Find a friend who is always very busy and might not have time to prepare healthy meals and snacks for their days. Make their meals and deliver them once a week and I am sure they will reward you with some cash!

#7 – Camp Counsellor

There are so many different types of summer camps! I have worked as a Performing Arts Summer Camp Counsellor for two years and it is so much fun! It doesn’t even feel like work. If you like sports, or art, or science, or music, try to find a camp that you could work at. If you enjoy educating or inspiring young minds, this is a perfect summer job.

#8 – Writing

There are so many jobs in this department; From writing your own blog, freelance/ghost writing for other blogs/companies, grant writing, writing E-Books and more! If you like to write, definitely look into these opportunities.

#9 – Child Care

Babysitting was my first job when I was 13 years old and got my babysitting licence. If you know some parents who could use a night out, offer to care for their children for an evening. There are lots of job postings online for parents who need childcare after school until the parents gets home from work. If you have training in this field, it could be a fun and rewarding job!

#10 – Personal Shopper

People who are busy or not in the physical condition to do their shopping could use a hand with their errands. Receive a list, do their grocery shopping, and deliver them for a nice chunk of change!

#11 – Buy, Re-Furbish & Sell Furniture

The thrift shop has used furniture for cheap that could be sold for good money if given a little bit of love and elbow-grease. Repaint, re-upholster and re-sell that piece of furniture!

#12 – Job Listings For Short-Term Work

Indeed, Kijiji, Fiverr and Craig’s List are all websites where people post work-for-hire. Be cautious when working for strangers, but sometimes there might be the perfect, safe opportunity that could be a short contract for good money!

#13 – House Cleaner

House keeping isn’t for everyone, but if you love cleaning and organizing, there is definitely a huge market of people (like me) who would love assistance in this department.

#14 – Work For A Catering Company

Catering companies are great because each month you just upload your availability and get sent out to cater a few parties and events as part of a team of hired servers. If you have your food & drink training, catering might be a great fit for you.

#15 Sell Handmade Goods At The Market

Similar to Etsy, selling handmade items can be very profitable. If you prefer to do your selling in person rather than online, renting a table at a Market could be the perfect solution. If you really want to hustle, do both Etsy & Markets!

#16 – Invest Your Money

I unfortunately do not have any information about how investing or stocks works, but I know some people have great success with it. If you are great with money and researching the stock market, look into investments. This is most likely a long-term commitment, but it’s a possibility!

#17 – Tutor School Subjects

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Teaching English to ESL students either online or in person is a popular way to make money. Alternatively, if you are good at Math, Science or other subjects, check for job postings where parents are looking to hire a tutor for their children.

#18 – Re-sell Your Old Books/Items Online

Did you recently graduate a course, and no longer need your textbooks? Sell them to new students for a discounted price. Any items that you no longer need could be sold to others who don’t want to buy new. Research Buy & Sell websites in your area.

#19 – Teach A Skill

Become a dance instructor, a tech teacher or a basketball coach. Teach music lessons or meditation. The sky is the limit, if you are an expert in any skill there will be beginners that will benefit from your training!

#20 – Pay Yourself More

Lastly, don’t forget to put aside money from each paycheque into your savings. It adds up quicker than you think. Instead of working an extra job for that extra $20-$50 a week, just pay yourself that money instead of spending it aimlessly. It really works!

Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

Which of these Easy Ways to Make Extra Money do you like best? Are there any of these that you’ve tried, or that you currently do?

In addition to running Satisfy Her Soul, I also teach voice/piano lessons to 2 students per week. Every now and then, I also perform live music at events for extra cash, plus I work a serving job a few days per week. All of this allows me to live comfortably in Toronto, and for that I am very grateful.

Did you like this list of 20 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money? Can you think of any common ways that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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