What Serving Has Taught Me About Life

Serving Has Taught Me

I have been waiting tables in the restaurant industry for about 5 years now. Schedule flexibility is a winning feature for me, as I need days off at random for auditions, performances and studio days. As a server here in Canada, I am grateful that with tips + hours, I can make a decent full-time wage while working part-time hours. However, let me assure you that for every positive thing about this industry there is also a struggle. There are so many things, good and bad, that serving has taught me about life.

Seeing Has Taught Me
The Rushton – 740 St Clair W, Toronto ON

Prioritizing Is The Key To Success

Serving has taught me that multi-tasking is not enough. Not only do you need to do 10 things at once, but you have to prioritize them based on importance. On the other hand, also remember that you can only do so much. It’s all about balance.

No Matter How Hard You Try, Not Everyone Will Like You

This was a tough pill to swallow for me, since I have always been a Type A “people-pleaser”. Sometimes, people are just in a bad mood, and their attitude towards you should not be taken personally. Respect everyone, and if they do not show you the same respect, do not take their negativity with you. It is not for you to carry.

Be Your Own Cheerleader

When you are in the middle of a rush, and things aren’t running smoothly and you want to crawl under a rock, just take a breath. Serving has taught me that giving myself a pep talk really helps calm me down. Reminding myself it is only a job, the time will pass and everything will be just fine.

Life Is Better When You’re Not Bitter

Head into every work shift with your head held high and a smile on your face. Get your co-workers in a positive mindset and be ready to work like a dream-team. Be grateful for your job and appreciate every day. It makes a huge difference!

Help And Be Helped In Return

Serving has taught me that if you frequently help your teammates out when they are in the weeds, they will do the same for you. If someone is falling behind, it will create a domino effect throughout the whole dinner service. If you help others when they need it, it will ensure everything continues to run smoothly for everyone, and next time you need a hand, chances are they will be there for you too!

Just Let It Go

Dropped a plate of food? Let it go. Crabby customer? Let it go. Bad day entirely? Let it go. I used to let one tiny slip up get me down and ruin my whole evening. What serving has taught me is to take a deep breath and move on. Do not let anyone negative, or any negative experiences keep you down. Tomorrow, none of it will matter anyway.

Kindness & Patience Goes A Long Way

You don’t know what people are going through, so always be kind no matter what. Little things like remembering someone’s name, or what they like to eat can brighten someone’s day. Be a good listener and be friendly. Not only will it spread joy, but it will probably increase your tips, too! It’s a win-win!

Serving Has Taught Me

These are just a few of the many lessons that serving has taught me about life.

They say everyone should work a customer service job once in their life…Have you worked as a server, or in the customer service industry before? Which of these rings a bell for you? What are some other lessons that you have learned from this industry? Let me know in the comments below!

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