10 Inventions By Women

10 Inventions By Women

We all know about Thomas Edison (the light bulb), Alexander Graham Bell(the telephone) and the Wright Brothers(the airplane). It seems like the majority of inventors I learned about growing up were male. However, are there equally popular inventions by women? Yes, of course there are!

The following 10 inventions by women are all fairly modern, having all been patented in the last 200 years. While doing my research, I took some time to imagine what life would be like without these inventions. I am certainly grateful for the innovative minds of these incredible women and their inventions. Without further ado, here are:

10 Inventions By Women

  1. Ruth Graves Wakefield – 1930 – The Chocolate Chip Cookie

    10 Inventions By Women
    Photo: Wikipedia
  2. Mary Anderson – 1902 – Windshield Wipers

  3. Marie Van Brittan Brown – 1969 – Home Security System

    10 Inventions By Women
    Photo: Wikimedia
  4. Nancy Johnson – 1843 – Ice Cream Maker

  5. Margaret A Wilcox – 1893 – Car Heater

  6. Grace Hopper – 1944 – The Computer

  7. Josephine Cochrane – 1887 – The Dishwasher

    10 Inventions By Women
    Photo: Public Domain
  8. Elizabeth Magie – 1904 – Monopoly

  9. Shirley Ann Jackson – 1970 – Caller ID/Call Waiting

  10. Maria Beasley – 1882 – The Life Raft

Thank you to the many intelligent, innovative women out there who might not get as much notoriety as they deserve. Let’s work together to make sure we are looked at as equals with just as much power and intellectual capacity as our fellow men.

Which of the above mentioned inventions by women would you be the most lost without? Let me know in the comments below!

My obvious answer would be the computer, but come on, ice cream? Monopoly? I don’t know what I would do without either of those. How about eating ice cream while playing Monopoly?

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