Talented Female Musicians – TWIM Vol. 4

talented female musicians

A couple months have gone by since the last Toronto Women in Music post has gone live. That means there is brand new music that has been released from many talented female musicians from the Greater Toronto Area. These are possibly my favourite posts to write because music is my passion and I love hearing new tunes from fellow musicians.

The following 5 songs feature female vocalists performing their own original songs that have been released in the last several months. After you have listened to their song, be sure to click the link underneath their picture to visit their websites and show these talented female musicians some love!

Toronto Women In Music- Volume 4

Julia Tynes- Obvious

This fun track would be perfect to blast in your car with the windows down on a hot summer day. The music video is colourful and features Julia playfully dancing down the streets to some awesome choreography. If you have a huge crush on someone but they seem to be oblivious, definitely listen to this song. I love Julia’s sweet vibes!


Julia Tynes

Beams- Berlin, Teach Me To Love

Check out this awesome Indie-Folky sounding single from Beams’ upcoming album! “Berlin, Teach Me To Love” creates such beautiful imagery in my head. My favourite part of this song is definitely the bridge where the lyrics say “Let me feel the joy of a free heart, in a sun dress, on a sunny day.” The instrumentals in this song are also amazing to vibe out to; I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!


Beams The Band

Scarlett Grace- Ghost

This song is hauntingly beautiful and goes wonderfully with the music video. The lyrics in this song are quite profound and tell a story, which is what really draws me to this song. Her style reminds me of a mix between Lights and Evanescence and I really dig it! Definitely give her track “Ghost” a listen!


Scarlett Grace

Brooklyn Doran- I Found A Home

Brooklyn has been really making a name for herself here as one of the most talented female musicians in the GTA. This video for “I Found A Home” was released just last month in January and I knew I had to feature it in Volume 4 of Toronto Women in Music. The song and video are equally stunning, calming and brilliant. I highly recommend you follow Brooklyn on her successful journey.

talented female musicians

Brooklyn Doran

Michelle Thibodeau- Easy Target

This song is a sneak peak at one of the songs I am recording on my upcoming album to be released later this year. This is a live version of my original song, “Easy Target” that I performed at Song Talk Radio a couple months ago. I really enjoyed writing this song using play on words. I love that it has a flirty feel to it as well. Stay tuned for the studio version in a few short months!


Michelle Thibodeau

That concludes the 5 featured songs and talented female musicians from Volume 4 of Toronto Women in Music. Please show these women some love and support if you have enjoyed their music!

Lastly, if you would like to be featured on an upcoming blog post that features new music, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I absolutely love connecting with fellow musicians, no matter where you are from in the world! Who knows, maybe soon I will write a post that features musicians from different parts of the world.

If you would like to reach out to me on    Twitter    Instagram   or   Pinterest, please feel free!

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