Results: 25 Things To Do Before 25 Challenge

25 Things To Do Before 25

As you may have seen this post a couple of months ago, I challenged myself to 25 things to do before 25. Since tomorrow happens to be my 25th birthday, I would consider this challenge to be complete and I am excited to share the results with you.

The reason I decide to try this initiative, is to motivate myself to continue learning and growing as much as possible. When you write down goals- big or small- it puts them into the universe and without even trying, you will be surprised how many you check off your list.

25 things to do before 25

Now, let’s see my results!

25 Things To Do Before 25 Challenge

  • Start the Satisfy Her Soul Youtube Channel 

Technically, I did make the account and set it up. I haven’t uploaded a video on it yet but hopefully one coming soon!

  • Save $500 in my Tax Free Savings Account 

This one was a success! I also made lots of progress paying off my student loan and credit card!

  • Travel somewhere new-

It just so happens that today I am hopping on a plane to Cuba with my boyfriend David for our very first vacation! Neither of us have been there and I am so surprised I have actually achieved this one.

  • Change gyms

I did cancel my old gym membership and have chosen a new one to sign up for. I am planning on starting the gym again in April!

  • Take a dance class-

Not only did I take a ballet class, I also did a couple dance auditions!

  • Write 3 new songs-

I have started writing lyrics for other artists, plus I’m working on recording 5 new songs in the studio.

  • Start writing an E-Book-

This is the first goal that I didn’t accomplish whatsoever on my 25 Before 25 Challenge. I do plan on starting this soon, but I didn’t get around to it before my 25th birthday, and that’s okay!

  • Learn 1 song on Harmonica- 

David and I were organizing my room the other day and we came across my harmonica. We each took turns playing it and it was a lot of fun. Now that I have it back in my life I am definitely looking forward to using it more often.

  • Lower my credit card interest-

After making an appointment at my bank, I managed to get my credit card interest down from 19% to 1% for the next 6 months! My goal is to pay off all my debt by then and then use my credit card for emergencies only after that point.

  • Lower my monthly phone bill-

Unfortunately I haven’t done this yet. Mostly because I assume they are not going to be able to offer me anything better. I guess you’ll never know if you never try!

  • Have a 48 Hour retreat-

Who needs 48 hours when I’m currently on my way to an all-inclusive resort for 7 days?! Woohoo! This is my most exciting achievement from my 25 things to do before 25 challenge!

  • Cut down to 1 milk 1 sugar in my coffees-

When I made my 25 Before 25 Challenge list, I was drinking 2 cream 2 sugar in my coffee. Now, I only use milk in my coffee which is a great start. Next step is to lower it to 2 milk, 1.5 sugar, which I am so ready for because my coffees are beginning to taste sickeningly sweet.

  • Volunteer-

I wrote an entire post about the research I did on places to volunteer in Toronto which you can read here. I have not made arrangements yet to go volunteer but I am definitely looking into it and I can’t wait!

  • Research potential summer jobs/gigs- 

I do have my potential summer jobs/gigs in mind for this year, and the next step is to reach out and make it happen! I am excited for what this year has to offer.

  • Apply for a music grant-

It was a lot of work, but I did it! Hopefully I will receive good news back.

  • Apply for an agent-

Not really a priority at the moment, will have to revisit this sometime soon and re-evaluate.

  • First contacts for album release-

I’ve been making a mental list as my album recording is almost complete, but I have yet to write it down on paper. Definitely on my March To-Do List!

  • Make a crowd-funding campaign-

I was speaking with my roommate about this the other night. She is willing to help me with it and we are brainstorming ideas on how to make it awesome for everybody involved! Stay tuned for that.

  • Re-furbish furniture with David-

A great hobby for when we might live together in the future, but we decided until then we don’t really have the space to take on such a project. It was a nice thought, though!

  • Make a story-board for a musical-

I suppose that was a lot to ask myself to do before my 25th birthday…. I definitely didn’t even think about this one- Too much on my plate to be writing a musical right now!

  • Produce a Showcase in Toronto-

Although I didn’t produce it, I did find out yesterday that I will be taking part in a Showcase in Toronto in early April, does that count? I’d say it’s close enough!

  • Reconnect with an old friend- 

My old roommate who I hadn’t seen in over a year came to visit Toronto all the way from British Columbia! She even shared exciting news that she’s moving back to the city in a few months. I am so glad to have reconnected with her.

  • See another theatre show-

I did go to Medieval Times with my boyfriend which was such a fun show! I assume we will be seeing a lot of live entertainment in Cuba while we are there as well- I will keep you posted!

  • Host a tea party for my friends-

I had scheduled this to celebrate my birthday the other day but the day of we decided to go to dinner instead. We did celebrate “Gal”entine’s Day on Feb 14th though, which included face masks, snacks, champagne and painting our nails. I’d say that’s pretty close to a girly tea party!

  • Go to the library in Toronto-

I forgot I wanted to do this! Definitely planning a trip in early March and I will let you know how it is. I feel like it could be such a great resource and an exciting place to be once I know my way around.

Overall, I am proud of what I have achieved by creating my very own 25 Things To Do Before 25 Challenge. The items on the list that I have yet to check off will just be added to my following year’s To-Do list with many other, new goals.

Stay tuned for my 2018 Bucketlist where I will share with you the full list of goals I want to accomplish over my next year of life!

25 things to do before 25

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In addition to this 25 things to do before 25 post, tomorrow I have a special birthday post going live, so be sure to come back and check that out! Meanwhile, I will be laying in the hot sun of Cuba with my boyfriend! Lucky me 🙂


Satisfy Her Soul

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