4th Month Blogging Update: Satisfy Her Soul

4th month blogging

Another month has come and gone already! I love February because of Valentine’s Day and my birthday! The only things that make this bitterly cold Canadian month slightly better. This year I celebrated my 25th birthday in Cuba, so make sure to check out my special birthday posts. I will also be posting pictures from my vacation very soon! This post, however, is to update you on what my 4th month blogging has been like.

I will be talking about what’s new this month, as well as continuing to keep track of my social media followers and creating new goals for the following month!

4th Month Blogging Update:

In my Blogging For 3 Months update, I contemplated changing my posting schedule from daily, to every second day. I decided that posting every day still seems like a good habit to keep, so that is what I have continued to do. This month I have surpassed my 100th Post, created a manifesto, and got some extremely exciting news.

A certain company (which will be announced soon) has kindly reached out to me and I can’t wait to announce the exciting collaboration! What I can say, is that you, my lovely, supportive readers, can expect not one, but TWO GIVEAWAYS coming very soon! Each giveaway will be entirely different, so stay tuned for those! I can’t wait to give back to say thank you for getting my blog to where it is so far, now that I’ve hit my 4th month of blogging!

4th month bloggingNow that I am beginning some collaborations, one of the goals I have for the following few months are to grow my Mailing List- SIGN UP HERE! This is so you can be the first to hear about the exciting giveaways and more. I also want to create my first media kit so I can continue to collaborate with brands and other bloggers in the future.

The biggest challenge that I faced during the month of February, was scheduling so many posts in advance since I was going on vacation. As I post daily, that meant I had to schedule 8 blog posts before I even left for my trip! This was definitely tricky and a whole lot of work. I knew I was not going to have access to the internet while away in Cuba, so it was my only choice.

That being said, I am actually writing this blog post before I officially hit my 4th month blogging update, so the following updates on my number of followers might be slightly off by the time this blog post goes live.

Countries that have viewed Satisfy Her Soul: Grew from 41 to 52

Instagram Followers: Grew from 287 to 315

Twitter Followers: Grew from 330 to 373

Pinterest: 45 Followers (Have yet to try growing this Platform, maybe next month I will focus on this one!)

I would really love to hit 500 followers on both Twitter & Instagram by 6 months into my blog going live! That would make me very happy and I think it is definitely possible!

Another goal I have for the following month is to research HTML Coding Courses and Books so I can learn more about customizing my blog to make it the most functional and visually appealing for my readers. I still have a lot to learn in this department and no time to start like the present!

Thank you for reading my 4th Month Blogging update, I am so happy that this journey is starting to seem really promising. I really appreciate everyone who has read my blog, and followed my Satisfy Her Soul accounts, it really means a lot to me!

Here’s to another great month ahead!

Love, Satisfy Her Soul



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