Benefits of Drinking Coffee

benefits of drinking coffee

Throughout my childhood, high school and even all through college, I really disliked the taste of coffee. I was convinced it was something I would never come around to liking. It was only about 3 years ago, when I moved to Toronto and became surrounded by various cute coffee shops, that I began enjoying the caffeinated beverage from time to time. In the last year, however, I have become quite dependent on coffee. I drink it every single day, otherwise I get symptoms of withdrawal, such as a bad headache. Usually, I consume at least 2 cups. This lead me to thinking- are there any benefits of drinking coffee?

benefits of drinking coffee

While researching the topic on, I was happy to find it’s not as much of a bad habit as I originally thought! Before I rattle away these positives, I will remind you (and myself) that if you add a ton of sugar and cream to every cup, the negative effects on your health may outweigh the following benefits. This research was based on black coffee, so do keep that in mind when reading.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

  • Less Fatigue

  • Increases Energy Levels

  • Boosts Your Mood and Reaction Time

  • Massive Source of Antioxidants

  • Aids In Fat Burning

  • Boosts Metabolism

  • Many Essential Nutrients (Vitamin B, Potassium & Magnesium)

  • Improves Physical Performance

benefits of drinking coffee

These benefits of drinking coffee are mostly due to the fact that caffeine is a stimulant. In addition, coffee releases adrenaline and frees fatty acids that are then used as fuel. Lastly, the nutrients in coffee are just plain good for you!



It is also said that drinking coffee daily can reduce the likelihood of getting illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and even some forms of Cancer.

As I am finishing writing this blog post, I have definitely developed a craving for a cup of coffee, so I am about to go brew a pot. This year, I have already swapped out cream for milk, and reduced the amount of sugar in each cup. Eventually, I would like to work toward drinking black coffee. However, as I said I have only enjoyed the taste of coffee for a couple years so it might take me a bit longer to get to this point.

What do you think about these benefits of drinking coffee? Do you like coffee? How do you take yours? Let me know in the comments below!

I did a challenge a few months ago where I didn’t drink coffee for an entire week- all I drank was water for 7 days straight. See how I did with this challenge: The Week of Drinking Only Water

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