Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

surviving a long distance relationship

My boyfriend (David) and I have been surviving a long distance relationship for the last year and a half. Of course, it hasn’t been easy and I would love to see him more frequently, but we make do with the situation. In my opinion, our relationship is absolutely worth more than just giving up because of the struggles that come with distance. That being said, there are a few things we have found that make surviving a long distance relationship a little bit easier.

“In true love, the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.”  – Hans Nouwens

Surviving A Long Distance Relationship:  8 Ways

1. Always see the light at the end of the tunnel

Obviously, you do not get into a relationship to stay long distance. It is exciting to look to the future and imagine how great life will be once the distance is a thing of the past. Have hope and trust that with time, everything will fall into place.

2. Treat it as an opportunity to test the strength of your bond

If you can survive a long distance relationship, chances are you can get through many other difficult situations together. Know that you can endure even the tough times.

3. It makes your time together so valuable and special

The moments that you do get to spend with one another seem like the first date all over again. It is exciting and romantic when you finally reunite.

4. You find creative ways to show each other how much you care

Whether it’s sending a care package, a love letter, or making time every day to call them- These are precious gifts that are sometimes overlooked if you are fortunate enough to live together, or close.

5. Spend time working on yourself to create a stable life for your future together

Being in a long distance relationship gives you the opportunity and the time to create the life you want for you and your partner’s future. This is a time to work hard, make progress and set yourself up for a successful life together.

6. It’s the best exercise in trust and patience for your relationship

Patience and trust are two of the most important qualities in a happy relationship. When you are in the midst of surviving a long distance relationship, it is strengthening these two virtues and it will definitely benefit your partnership in the long run.

7. You learn to do things “together” even while you’re apart

Whether it’s watching the same TV Series, playing virtual games like Scrabble, or video-chatting while you are getting things done around the house. You can still create memories and spend time with each other even if you’re not in the same city.

8. Take turns compromising for the other person to make it work

This time, you travel to them, next time they travel to you. Sometimes, you make time in your busiest days to make them feel cared about, and they will do the same for you. It can be difficult, but it can be done.

If you truly believe in your relationship, distance is just a word that describes your current situation. It will make your bond stronger, not weaker. It will not be a factor at all, just a small obstacle in your journey together.

I know all of this sounds pretty sappy, but I’ve been lucky enough to know that it’s true. Thank you David for enduring and surviving a long distance relationship with me.

If you are also in the midst of surviving a long distance relationship, I hope these tips helped a little bit. I am not saying there won’t be occasional, sad or lonely nights along the way, I’m just telling you it can totally be worth it.

I would rather my long distance relationship with my boyfriend, than no relationship with him at all. He could be on the other side of the world and it would still make me happy to call him mine. (But please, David, don’t move to the other side of the world- at least without me!)

All the best to you and your loved one,

Michelle from Satisfy Her Soul xo

If you have any other tips to surviving a long distance relationship, share them in the comments below so we can help each other!

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