Why I Don’t Believe in Having A Back-Up Plan

having a back-up plan

Being a musician and content creator for the last 10 years has often lead to answering the same questions, time and time again. One of the most common questions I receive is something along the lines of “So, what is your back-up plan if you’re not successful?” or “Do you have a Plan B?” In order to answer this age-old question, I am going to explain why I don’t believe in having a back-up plan.

having a back-up planNow, I will say, I completely understand that my decision to become a musician is risky and not considered a stable career. I never intended it to be easy, I knew it entailed a lot of hard work and facing rejection. That being said, I have never believed in having a back-up plan just in case ‘it doesn’t work out’. Why?


I believe that every individual is responsible to define what success means to them.

Success, to me, is waking up happy every day, satisfied and fulfilled with the way I am choosing to live my life. Success is pursuing what I am truly passionate about and ambitiously working toward my goals.

This means, that as long as I am moving forward and following my heart, I cannot fail.

Most people assume as a musician, that success is a world-wide tour, or an international album release. They think fame and fortune equals success in my industry. They aren’t wrong, but at the same time that is not how I have decided to define success for myself. I just pursue music because it feels right. Having a back-up plan, to do something other than what I want most, does not feel right to me.

Having a back-up plan deters you from focusing on what you really want in life. It’s like prematurely giving up and diminishing the effort you are putting into your “Plan A”.

What would be the benefits of having a back-up plan?

It could possibly reduce the negative emotions you may feel if ultimately you do not achieve your goals. That being said, if your goal is to just wake up each day and give everything you have, you cannot fail.

Every day I hustle to try and further my career. Yes, I work other jobs in order to support myself, because I cannot live on my income from music alone. If I have to work extra hard to pursue my “Plan A” for the rest of my life, if it never gets any easier, that’s okay with me. I will still be happy in the end that I pursued my dreams. I will still feel like it was a success.

Not having a back-up plan can be considered careless, unprepared or unrealistic. I prefer to look at it differently. Courageous, or ambitious, perhaps.

All this being said, I do think your “Plan A” can evolve and change as you go through life. Your definition of success, your goals and even your interests are likely to change at some point.

“Plan A” is whatever or wherever your heart is leading you. “Plan A” is to live your life without fear of failure and without settling for a secondary idea just because it’s easier than what you truly want.

having a back-up plan

Don’t be afraid of not having a back-up plan. Focus your energy in one place and give it everything you have. There is no failing.

If you insist on having a back-up plan, let it be to approach your Plan A another way.

Plan B is to stick to Plan A.

What are your thoughts on having a back-up plan? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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