4 Dimensions of Consciousness

dimensions of consciousness

I have always been intrigued by learning about the different dimensions and trying to further comprehend our levels of consciousness. When researching it online, it is a very complex idea to wrap your head around, unless you piece together multiple sources in a way that becomes understandable to you. Since I have spent quite a bit of time trying to comprehend the 4 dimensions of consciousness, I thought I would share this knowledge with you!

I understand this is a foreign topic for most, but I urge you to read on, as I assure you it is extremely interesting!


4 Dimensions of Consciousness

First Dimensional Consciousness:

The first level of consciousness is something that exists and is alive, but they cannot perceive their own existence. Examples include molecules like atoms, water, minerals, and genetic coding. They make up the other dimensions. Think of the first dimension as a tiny dot.

Second Dimensional Consciousness:

The second dimension of consciousness also does not possess self-awareness. They only know their need to nourish themselves, protect themselves and procreate. Examples include plants and the lowest of the animal kingdom. Think of the second dimension as a line.

We, as humans, call our second dimension of consciousness our “autonomic nervous system”. It regulates our heart rate, digestion, breathing and other basic functions that we do not need to think about. We are typically not conscious of this second dimensional component of ourselves.

When practicing meditation, some learn to become conscious of their second dimension, and begin to control things like their breath and can even regulate their heart rate. This can be a very valuable skill when it comes to calming yourself and gaining clarity.

Third Dimensional Consciousness:

The primary beings of the third dimension of consciousness, are of course, us humans and the higher levels of the animal kingdom. The major difference is that we know we are alive and we each have an individual soul. We are aware of past, present and future. We can reflect and make plans. Think of the third dimension of consciousness as a cube, made up of the lines and dots of the first two dimensions. We are 3D.

The cool thing about the third dimension of consciousness, is that there are different stages of it. A baby is less conscious of their existence than an adult. Some adults are more in tune with their consciousness than others. Actors, for example, study human consciousness and can sometimes be so aware that it interferes with their life.

When life becomes overwhelming, a useful tool is meditation. Focus only on the second dimension like our breath, heart rate and basic functions. Just simply “exist” and “be”.

These first 3 of the 4 Dimensions of Consciousness are fairly easy to wrap our heads around because we scientifically know they are there.

But, what is the Fourth Dimensional Consciousness?

The fourth dimension is not spatial, like the other three. It exists, but our 3D selves cannot perceive it. Just like the first dimension and second dimension cannot perceive 3D, for example. The cool thing about the fourth level of consciousness is that our souls can exist there, but our human bodies cannot. The most common way to reach the fourth dimension, also known as the astral reality, is through dreaming. When we are unconscious of our third dimension (like when we are sleeping), we are conscious in the fourth dimension.

Think of the 4th dimension like an aura that encompasses the other 3 dimensions. In this level of consciousness, we can move through time and space fluidly because we are not attached to our 3D bodies. Another example of the fourth dimension, like dreams, is our intuition. Some people have innate connections to this dimension and are highly creative and imaginative. The qualities of our soul that cannot really be explained are most likely from the fourth dimension.

Have you ever had a lucid dream, where you are conscious that you are dreaming? That is when you are conscious in both the third and fourth dimension. Some people exercise this to the point where they can start dreaming and exploring the fourth dimension, while still staying conscious in the third dimension. It’s like they are purposely lucid dreaming.

We may not ever completely understand our aura/our spirit/our soul/our fourth dimensional selves, but we can become aware of their existence.


What’s even more interesting, is that there are more than 4 Dimensions of Consciousness. Each level of consciousness needs a place to live, like the dot is inside the line, the line inside the cube, the cube is inside the aura, and the aura is inside the fifth dimension, which some might identify as heaven, or the Love Dimension.

Many people who have tried to comprehend the 4 dimensions of consciousness and beyond have come to the conclusion that there are 6 in total. The sixth one is called the Miracle Dimension, and it is one that even our souls cannot reach. It is Divine and if you are religious, may identify this last dimension as God. Our souls cannot reach that level of consciousness, just as our physical bodies cannot get past the 3rd dimension, but it still exists and encompasses our being.

The first 4 dimensions of consciousness are the only ones I have experienced for myself thus far, so they are the only ones I went into detail with. The others are just what I have read about and can imagine.

Have you ever pondered the 4 dimensions of consciousness? What are your thoughts on all of this crazy information? Do you believe in it? Let me know what you think in the comments below! I’m curious to know whether I am one of the only ones who are interested in this topic hahaha!

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