7 Amazon Products – I’ve Ordered and Loved

7 amazon products

As a blogger, one of my (few & tiny) sources of income is being an Amazon affiliate. This means if I link to a product on my website, and you happen to purchase said item, I make a small commission. With that in mind, I have made a promise to myself and my readers that I will never recommend something that I didn’t love. The following 7 Amazon products I’ve ordered myself, and loved.

Of course, I am an avid Amazon user, especially around Christmas time when it comes to shopping for gifts. These products below are only a small handful of the products I have bought on Amazon. The reason I chose these 7 Amazon products to share is because they are the items I would recommend the most.

As a matter of fact, I am waiting for an Amazon order in the mail right now! A book about marketing that I can’t wait to share with you as soon as I’ve finished reading it. For now, without further ado, here are:

7 Amazon Products – I’ve Ordered and Loved

White Marble Stainless Steel Water Bottle

7 amazon products

I ordered this water bottle because the stainless steel “S’well” bottles were all the rage, but I couldn’t justify spending that much on a water bottle. Amazon always has great, affordable dupes for similar products. I searched for a while marble stainless steel water bottle, and two days & free shipping later- I had one! Whether you’re trying to keep your tea hot or your water cold, this works wonders. In fact, it keeps it too hot to drink for far too long, lol. It doesn’t leak in my bag and is super modern and cute. I love it!

Marble Bullet Journal

7 amazon products

My boyfriend knew I wanted to try this “bullet journal” craze, and I had been looking in stores for the dotted pages and couldn’t find any. He surprised me with this journal which he got from Amazon. As you can see from the water bottle above, I LOVE white marble, so he did very well with this one! It’s not too big to fit in my purse, which is a huge plus. Perfect size and does the job wonderfully. Thanks David!

iPhone 6s Plus Case

7 amazon products

Speaking of David, this is his iPhone 6 case, which I think is super chic and nice! It’s black and gold and was only 10 bucks on Amazon. I kind of want to order one myself. He loves it so far, got it 2 months ago, and has no complaints.

Moustache Wine Charms

7 amazon products

At my house, my roommates and I love hosting holiday parties and small gatherings with our friends. As soon as we’d crack open a bottle of wine, we’d have a hard time keeping track of which glass is ours. So, I ordered these adorable multi-coloured wine charms and it solved our problem one fashionable, easy, affordable step. They have many styles in addition to these moustache ones, but these are my favourite.

Professional Stainless Steel Corkscrew

7 amazon products

For those of you who don’t know me personally, one of my four-hundred part-time jobs is being a server at a local restaurant. When I lost my corkscrew (necessary at my job), I looked everywhere for a sturdy, affordable replacement with no luck. Then I remembered, I should order it from Amazon, and voila! I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I would highly recommend it to servers or homeowners!

LED Make-up Mirror

7 amazon products

When my swivelling make-up mirror broke, I found this light-up LED one on Amazon. It re-charges with a USB cable right into my laptop, and stays charged for days on end. The only downside, is the mirror is smaller than I would like, but at least it fits nicely on my desk without taking up too much room.

Bodum Double Wall Clear Mug

7 amazon products

My mom has been looking for these clear, double walled mugs for the longest time. She couldn’t find them, so I decided to look on Amazon. Sure enough, they have high quality Bodum mugs in all different sizes and you  get 2 per order. I surprised her with them as one of her Christmas gifts this year and she absolutely loves them. If my cabinets were not over-flowing with mugs, I would definitely get these for myself.

Have you ever ordered anything on Amazon? I love it so much! You can literally find anything you ever need online and get it shipped to your front door.

Which of these 7 Amazon products is most appealing to you? Let me know in the comments below, and please feel free to reach out on Instagram    Twitter   or    Pinterest!

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