Open Letter to Humankind

open letter to humankind

Ignorance is bliss. When I was an innocent child, I never worried about war, prejudice, politics or hate. My only care in the world was being happy, playing, and to love and be loved in return. That’s all I knew. Mind you, I understand I had a very fortunate up-bringing in that sense and not all children are able to be so care-free. That being said, I wish we could all take a step back and see life through a child’s eyes. Appreciate the simple joys and see the beauty in every single day. This is my hope for the world, my open letter to humankind.

open letter to humankindRecently, I’ve heard so many people justifying hate-crimes. Whether it’s because ‘so-and-so deserved it’, or because ‘someone’s gotta stand up to the bad guys’. I do understand this to a certain degree, but why fight hate with hate? You can’t fight fire with fire, it just doesn’t work. Whatever happened to being the bigger person? I refuse to believe there is no other way to resolve the world’s issues

Maybe I am naïve for thinking this, but I truly believe life could be beautiful if we just took a step back. We are all human, we all live on this planet called earth. Borders are manmade. What exactly are we fighting for? What’s the point of all the hate? I just don’t get it.

open letter to humankind

In this open letter to humankind, I just want to remind myself and others to remember the basic lessons we were taught as children. Stupidly simple rules that we somehow have forgotten.

Sharing is caring. Don’t be a bully. Treat everybody the way you wish to be treated. Respect your elders. Help your friends. Love is all that matters.

The list goes on, but really, these simple little rules are what could change the world and the generations to come.

An older man said to me today “This day and age, you’d best think long and hard about whether you want to bring a child into this messed up world.”

This was something I never considered. Not because I was being ignorant, but because there is no better way to change the world than to raise a positive, forward-thinking generation. Just because some of the world is jaded and fighting, doesn’t mean I don’t have hope. I believe in the good of humanity and that peace isn’t so hard to achieve.

open letter to humankind

I’m not going to just give up on the world. I still see all the amazing things life offers. The love, the hope, the miracles, the beauty. It’s still there, we just need to adjust our focus.

What would you say in your open letter to human kind? Let me know in the comments below what you think of this discussion, I would love to continue the conversation on this topic.

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5 thoughts on “Open Letter to Humankind

  1. I think there is still a lot of good in the world. We need to start in ‘our own backyards’ and it will spread outward. We can’t fix the world problems, but starting in our own communities, will hopefully make people feel good, to want to do good as well.

    There’s a song in your message, for sure. 😉

    Love your posts.


    1. Thanks Veronica, yes I suppose there is a song in that message! I will get to work 😛 🙂
      I do agree that starting in our own community is the best way to do it. Thank you for your comment !


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