Canon Rebel T6i – New Camera Photoshoot

canon rebel t6i

In my last several monthly blogging updates, I have mentioned my hopes and dreams of getting a DSLR Camera to improve the quality of the content on my blog. Today, after months of price checking, reading reviews and shopping around, I finally made the big purchase!  I ended up getting a brand new Canon Rebel T6i, plus a bundle with 2 lenses, a memory card and a camera bag!

It wasn’t a cheap purchase, but it is definitely an investment and something I will use for both personal and business use for many years to come. With the camera, 2 lenses, bag and memory card, it came to just under a thousand dollars, and even that was hugely on sale.

Since this is my very first time owning a camera other than the one on my iPhone, it is going to take a while to get used to all the features and how to use them. The Canon Rebel T6i is an amazing camera capable of high quality video recording and photography. This means I can finally start creating my Satisfy Her Soul youtube channel in the near future!

I can’t wait to become better at photography and really hone the skill to help improve my blog! It is an exciting step that I have been wanting to take since the end of last year.

Immediately after purchasing the Canon Rebel T6i, I took it home to unbox it and charge the battery. I waited patiently for 2 hours until the battery was fully charged (it actually was a lot faster than I expected) and my boyfriend and I headed out to try it!

We each took turns trying out the camera, and we had so much fun! Let me set the scene for you before I show you a few of the photos we took.

This took place May 4th, at sunset, just after Toronto experienced a wind storm earlier in the afternoon. We walked around the neighbourhood for about 15 minutes snapping pictures of the damage caused by the wind storm, as well as anything else we thought was photo-worthy. Surprisingly, the Canon Rebel T6i was quite easy to get used to and I was very impressed with the quality of photos we took, even as beginners! Let me know what you think.

New Camera Photoshoot

canon rebel t6itree2tree4

I can’t wait to begin taking photos of products that I am loving, books that I am reading and so much more! Making this investment was a long time coming and I know my passion for photography is going to grow immensely.

I hope you enjoyed our first few photographs with the Canon Rebel T6i! I will be sure to keep you updated on how it is going and what I am learning with my new toy.

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