2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes

banana pancakes

Who says that healthy, delicious, gluten-free breakfast options have to be difficult or time-consuming? These yummy, quick and easy 2 ingredient banana pancakes are my current go-to breakfast. Today I am going to show you the simple recipe so you can try them for yourself!

Ingredients for Banana Pancakes

  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Eggs

THAT’S IT! I know, crazy, right?

If you are cooking for more than one person, say 2-3, just double the recipe and voila! Optional ingredients include a sprinkle of cinnamon, a drizzle of maple syrup, or some oats to make them a bit more substantial.

First, Mash a ripe banana with a fork in a small bowl. Put a non-stick pan on the stove on medium heat. I used a bit of oil to ensure I could easily flip the banana pancakes.

banana pancakes

Add your 2 eggs to the mashed banana and stir the batter until relatively smooth. When your pan is hot, pour in your 2 ingredient batter.

Pro Tip: Smaller pancakes are easier to flip!


When your pancake is solid around the edges, carefully flip it. It’s kind of like flipping an omelette.

banana pancakes

Continue cooking on the other side until golden! My 1 banana and 2 eggs gave me 3 medium sized banana pancakes, which is perfect for my breakfast portion.

banana pancakes

Feel free to sprinkle on some cinnamon. Usually I find the banana makes them sweet enough that you can eat them plain, but today I was feeling fancy and added 100% pure maple syrup.

banana pancakes

Voila! These pancakes take less than 10 minutes to make from start to finish. The simple, healthy ingredients make them the perfect way to start your morning.

Have you tried these delicious, gluten-free banana pancakes? What did you think?

What are some of your favourite go-to healthy breakfast options? Share them in the comments below as I would love to hear! 🙂

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