Creating My Own Political Platform

own political platform

So, Doug Ford is Ontario’s next Premier, with a not-so-whopping 40% of the votes. Regardless of how this reality makes me feel, I am choosing to look on the bright side. This election allowed me to take a step back and really weigh the various policy issues and decide which aspects of the platforms were important to me. Now that I have really assessed what I stand for and what I wish to change in Ontario, I can act on it. I can share my voice and create actionable tasks to help the causes I care about. Essentially, I am creating my own political platform made of the things I wish to see change.

own political platform

The Ontario election discussed so many different topics, including:










Domestic Policy


Before the election, I hadn’t considered how I feel about a few of these topics and how the government is treating them. Now, in the process of creating my own political platform, I have dug deep and really weighed my thoughts on each.

My Own Political Platform Views:

My views are progressive in the sense that I wish to see Ontario stand for personal freedom, expression and diversity. 

Funding for mental health, dental care and prescription drugs are matters very near and dear to my heart.

It is important to me to focus on environmentalism like sustainability, and the protection and health of our environment.

Creating a more affordable housing market in Ontario is very important to me. Buying a home right now as a young person seems virtually impossible. I would really like to see that change in the near future.

I would consider myself quite left-wing, supporting policies that promote equality in many ways.

Pacifism is something I truly believe in, meaning I believe we should use non-violent ways to resolve conflict. We are all human, and I think showing compassion to those struggling is the best rehabilitation.

Having my own political platform is useful for many reasons. First and foremost, I know what my views are and what I stand for, which I think is very important.

Secondly, I can now find others who share my opinions and see what they are doing to change Ontario and beyond on these matters. I am looking forward to joining in and being part of the solution to various problems in our province.

Of course, we don’t have the funding to create as much change as the government, but there are ways for our voices to be heard and we can still make waves.

Regardless of who the Ontario Premier is, it doesn’t change what I am going to fight for, it will just make me fight harder. Perhaps, this is a good thing.

own political platform

All in all, this election has taught me a lot about life and politics, and creating my own political platform will greatly motivate me to push forward change.

The beauty in life is we don’t all have to agree. Everybody has different platforms that they stand for, and just because somebody else’s may be different to yours, does not mean they are wrong. Politics can bring out a lot of hate and arguments with those around you. Make sure to respect everyone else’s opinions and use your voice in a positive, inspiring way.

Food for Thought: Do you have your own political platform created? How in tune are you with your personal views? What do you stand for and which causes will you join to create a wave and have your voice heard?

Well, that’s enough politics for one day. Much love, Satisfy Her Soul xo


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