20 Fun Summer Activities

fun summer activities

Everyone looks forward to any little bit of time off you can get in the summertime. If you’re anything like me, once you finally have a beautiful day off, you are suddenly stuck deciding which way you want to spend your day. Well, look no further! Here are 20 fun Summer activities you can turn to when you’ve got the time but don’t know how to spend it!

As a matter of fact, I am lucky enough to have the next 5 WEEKS free to relax (and get work done). David and I are going to return to this list many times so we can do as many fun summer activities as possible!

20 Fun Summer Activities

  1. Exercise in the park 
  2. Conquer a summer reading list
  3. Go to a Farmer’s Market
  4. Summer Lawn Games (Horseshoe, Washer-Toss, Frisbee)
  5. Wood-Working (build a mailbox, headboard, etc.)
  6. Go Mini-Golfing or Go-Karting
  7. Head out on a canoe and go fishing
  8. Look up events put on by the city (outdoor movies, live music)
  9. Have a picnic at the park
  10. Go swimming in the ocean, lake or a pool
  11. Go to an amusement park or water park
  12. Have a bonfire and make smores
  13. Go berry-picking
  14. Have a Barbecue
  15. Hang a hammock and relax
  16. Go for a hike or a bike ride
  17. Plan a road-trip
  18. Go to a sports game
  19. Visit and tour a winery or brewery
  20. Try a new hobby

A project that David and I have already tackled this summer is building our own Washer Toss Game!fun summer activities

It only took about 2 hours to make. David cut some wood he had in the workshop and made 2 boxes. I painted 4 washers red, and 4 washers blue. David then found 2 large tin cans which he drilled to the middle of each box and voila! Set the boxes 21 feet apart and start tossing the washers!

In other news, 2 days ago I bought a brand new bike! It’s nothing fancy, just an entry level bicycle, but I have already had so much fun biking around on the waterfront with David and his brother. Definitely worth the investment, and it’s great exercise.

fun summer activities

I will be sure to document some of the other fun summer activities we get up to this summer and blog about them. Summer is definitely my favourite time of year!

What are your go-to fun summer activities? Let me know in the comments below and I will have to add them to my checklist!

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