My Make-up Free Summer

makeup free summer

As some of you know from my Life Update – Summer 2018 post, I moved out of Toronto, and am lucky enough to have spent the summer in cottage country with my boyfriend’s family, before moving to Kitchener-Waterloo on September 1st. This means, the majority of my belongings have been packed away in boxes and bins, including most of my make-up. This has lead me to having a make-up free summer, and I loved it!

This has been an interesting learning experience for me, as I have found out which items I truly cannot live without for 2 months. Those items, like books, my guitar and my keyboard, were unpacked within days of getting here. My make-up, however, I was surprised to learn I didn’t care that much about.

Now, this may not sound like a big deal to some of you (whom I envy) but this was a HUGE deal to me. You see, I’m a girl who pretty much hasn’t left the house without a full face of make-up for over TEN YEARS. I started wearing foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip-gloss, the whole nine yards at a very young age – 14 maybe? Since then, it has been part of my daily routine; I just don’t skip it.

Fast-forward to now, for the past several weeks of my life, I have been very fortunate to be on vacation (well, working from home). I simply couldn’t justify waking up and putting on a full-face of make-up when I wasn’t going to be leaving the house. Plus, I don’t have my usual make-up vanity, so doing my make-up just seemed like a hassle. So, I decided that going make-up free made the most sense, and WOW do I love it!

Since it’s summer, David and I have been going to the beach, the lake, and swimming pools quite often.

Being make-up free, I never have to worry about my mascara running or bringing my make-up for touch ups. It is so liberating!

make-up free summer

Of course, occasionally we do go for dinner or I have to perform, and since I do enjoy dressing up, I have put on make-up a few times this summer. The funny thing is, now that I’m used to being make-up free, I always can’t wait to wash it off at the end of the night!

What I love the most about this experience, is that I am finally used to catching myself in the mirror without make-up and being comfortable with how I look.

I am now determined to continue to go make-up free more often, even now that I’m all settled in my new place.

Bonus to being make-up free: My skin looks better every day!

Do you wear make-up? If you wear it on a regular basis, I encourage you to try going make-up free whenever possible. It may take some getting used to, but if I can learn to love it then you can too!

PS: I still LOVE make-up, I just am super happy that I no longer feel like I NEED to wear it.

What is your relationship with make-up? Have you ever tried going make-up free? Let me know your experiences in the comments below!

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