Becoming A Beginner Artist in 2019

becoming a beginner artist in 2019

There are so many artistic disciplines out there, many of which I have been exploring for numerous years (like, music and acting, for example). In these particular artistic disciplines, I would probably not be considered a beginner. However, this year, I have discovered yet another artistic passion – visual arts! In this, I am definitely a beginner. So in this post, when I refer to becoming a beginner artist, I am speaking about my new found passion to draw, paint, colour and graphic design!

I have always admired visual art, and dabbled here & there in my childhood, like most children, colouring and making crafts. I really enjoyed art classes in elementary and middle school, and even won the “art award” at my grade 8 graduation.

Then, I got to high school and we were only able to choose 2 “specialty” subjects. Being heavily involved in music and acting, I of course chose music and drama class as my 2 specialties. If I could have chosen a 3rd, it would have no question been art class. But alas, my art journey pretty much came to a halt at age 13.

Fast forward to my 20s, I have still been dabbling here and there, but found that I was never happy with my artwork. I had zero knowledge of shading, proportions, how to blend colours or pretty much any artistic skills, whatsoever, lol.

Becoming A Beginner Artist in 2019

If you read my 5 Goals I Have for 2019 post, you will see that one of my 5 goals for the year is to “Create, Create, Create“. This is what truly makes my soul shine. Creating music, art, writing, designing, creating anything is what makes me the happiest. It is so therapeutic to me, and I really feel that it is what I am meant to do on this earth. Okay, that got deep. Now, WHAT EXACTLY I am supposed to create is still up for interpretation lol – (See my other goal for 2019 – “Find Clarity“).

Anyway, I am SUPER grateful to have received a digital drawing tablet this past Christmas. When I first got it, I spent hours trying to make beautiful artwork, and it honestly looked like it was art made by a 5 year old. It was discouraging, but I knew it was just a learning curve and with practice, I could get better. So, with that, another goal arose – becoming a beginner artist in 2019.

If you wish to shop for, or check out the digital tablet I got (The Huion 1060 Pro)- here is my Amazon Affiliate link – MY DRAWING TABLET.

I decided, the best way to get better at drawing, was to go back to basics, and put pencil to paper. The last couple months, I have been drawing and drawing, and have really seen quite a bit of progress, but it is not quite where I want to be just yet (and that’s okay!)

I will definitely keep you updated on my artwork as the year goes on, but for now I will leave you with a few examples of some of my sketches in various mediums. I have been experimenting with pencil, watercolour, coloured pencils, and more!


becoming a beginner artist

pencil crayons & white gel pen

coloured pencil

Digital Art on my Huion 1060 Pro Tablet

watercolour & marker

pencil & coloured pencil

oil paint


Let me know what you think in the comments below! Which is your favourite? Do you dabble in visual arts?

Follow my art journey on my new Instagram Account @MichelleThibodeauArt


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